Grab Your Audience

Grab Your Audience

How many of you have tried to keep from dozing off when attending a powerpoint session? How many of you catch up on your emails or to-do list during a training? Who’s checked your watch or phone repeatedly during a conference workshop? Who’s thought: “Boy I wish I could get my money back” after a training? What do you think about during a mediocre presentation? How many of you want to deliver trainings and presentations to your staff where they aren’t tempted to do those things themselves? Learning Outcomes: participants will look at the current best practices on effective presentations; explore your goals for your presentations -  both content and delivery goals; give you a framework to build the most effective ones you can; provide some experiential exercises that you can add into your presentations for content  delivery. Behavioral Outcomes: participants will be able to: Deliver content in a variety of methods: verbal, visual, experiential, written; Bravely edit and revamp your existing content and delivery systems; Incorporate a variety of activities into your trainings and presentations; Energize your audiences by targeting your delivery style during the session; and Engage your audiences through participation.

(This is part of the Communication Skills Certificate Program, but you do not need to enroll in the program to take this workshop.)

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Grab Your Audience

  • Pat McCabe

    Pat McCabe is the HR Partner for UNH COLSA, UNH Cooperative Extension, EOS, and Research.

    She served as HR Director for the Appalachian Mountain Club for 12 years, and previously worked in student affairs at Boston College and volunteer services in non-profit organizations. Pat completed her Master’s in Counseling at UNH, has a Master’s in Higher Education and is certified as a Senior Professional in HR.

9:00am - 3:30pm
Portsmouth/Pease, 119 International Drive
Pat McCabe
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