2020 Online Violin Craftsmanship Institute Updates and FAQs

The uncertainty of the COVID-19 situation has had a major impact on face-to-face educational programming across the country. While New Hampshire has not been one of the regions hit hardest by the outbreak, UNH Professional Development & Training will be observing social distancing recommendations for the next few months and adapting much of our live programming for virtual delivery. Accordingly, we have made the decision to move the 2020 Violin Craftsmanship Institute to a virtual format.

We will miss seeing everyone on campus this summer, but we feel that transitioning to an online format will allow us to hold the 2020 VCI in way that’s safe and comfortable for our staff, instructors and students.

Over the next few weeks, we will be working with our instructors to develop an online schedule and reformat the workshops for the virtual experience. We will update this page regularly with the latest information and recomendations for the online VCI. In the meantime, please note the following:

  • Workshops will be held on the same dates as planned, and will still follow a very similar 5-day format. Some small adjustments to start times, lunch breaks and end of day will likely be made to better accommodate students living in different time zones. These changes will be finalized and released within a few weeks.
  • Instructors will be in touch with students via email at least two weeks prior to the start of each class. We’re hoping that communication between instructors and students in the weeks before workshops begin will allow you all to best prepare for the course in terms of work station, tools and materials, as well as allow you to ask your instructors any questions you may have before the course begins.
  • Students are recommended to have a desk or workbench dedicated to your VCI work for the duration of your course, with ample lighting and space to work. Each student will also need a laptop or personal computer with video-call capability and internet/Wifi access in order to attend their workshops via Zoom.
  • We have adjusted workshop prices to reflect the online format; tuition for the 2020 UNH VCI is now $899.00/ week. If you have registered but not made final payments, your balance will be adjusted. If you have already paid in full, you will receive a partial refund over the next few weeks. Final payment deadline for the 2020 VCI is July 1.

For currently enrolled students:

  • If you have already registered for summer housing with UNH Conferences and Catering, your reservation will be automatically cancelled and refunded in full. You will receive email confirmation of this within the next two weeks.
  • If you feel that you are unable to participate in a virtual Violin Craftsmanship Institute, or if you choose not to attend this year, UNH Professional Development and Training will offer a full refund, including the $100 deposit. To cancel your enrollment and recieve your refund, please email Claire.guilmette@unh.edu.


The staff of UNH PD&T and the VCI are all working hard to provide a highly engaging and informative online experience for you all, and ensure the same quality of instruction and care that the Violin Institute has offered for 47 years. We’re hopeful that this summer will be a learning and growing opportunity for us all, and that we can all gather in Durham again for the institute in Summer 2021. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns to luthiers@unh.edu.

Looking forward to working with you all virtually this summer, and seeing you all again in person soon.