Inquiry Teaching Methods Certificate (Grounding STEM Education in Science Practices)

female science teacher with students

Certificate Overview:

Inquiry-based learning is an approach that involves exploring the natural and man-made world around us in a manner that leads to questioning, observing, investigating, testing, and discussing with others what results were found. Participants will learn the fundamentals of inquiry-based instruction and how to integrate NGSS science and engineering practices including how to ask investigable questions, planning an investigation, and sharing results. You will conduct an inquiry investigation and learn how to “shift” or change existing lessons into authentic learning opportunities that integrate NGSS science and engineering practices.

The Inquiry Teaching Methods Certificate is based on the theory and vision of the Next Generation Science Standards to integrate science and engineering practices within your existing class.  Whether you are an elementary school teacher or a middle school teacher, this program is for you. The courses work with you on your existing curricula and expanding student-driven inquiry.

Digital Badge

Completion of the course will award an Inquiry Teaching Methods: Grounding STEM Education in Science Practices micro-credential (digital badge) from the University of New Hampshire.

Participants who successfully complete the Inquiry Teaching Methods: Grounding STEM Education in Science Practices program will automatically receive a digital badge micro-credential that verifies their accomplishment and skill that can be shared on social media, blogs, and online portfolios.  

Upon completion of the certificate, participants will receive an email with further information on claiming their badge. For more information on digital badges with UNH PD&T, click here.