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Most of these workshops have been submitted for Category A Continuing Education Credits by the National Association of Social Workers, NH Chapter.  Click on the workshop name below for more information.

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Ethics and Boundaries in Coaching Youth Affected by Substance Use Disorder
March 27 | Manchester

Working in the substance misuse treatment field presents dilemmas relating to personal beliefs, judgments, and values. How society views persons with addictive disorders is fraught with emotion, misperceptions, and biases that can affect how we work with youthful misusers. Because of the highly charged emotional nature of the substance misuse treatment field, helpers should possess the tools to explore ethical dilemmas objectively.

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Trauma-Informed Care
April 7 | Manchester

Trauma-informed care is an increasingly important evidenced-based practice for service providers and their organizations. People who experience chronic childhood trauma and stress may present as resistant to treatment and are at-risk for engaging in high-risk behaviors including smoking, overeating and illicit drug use. In this workshop, participants will:

-- study the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (Feletti, et. al, 1998) and discuss how chronic childhood trauma can impact people well into adulthood;

-- learn about types of trauma and stress, with a specific focus on the impact of toxic stress on a developing brain;

-- examine the connection between childhood adversity and adult high-risk behavior; and

-- discuss specific examples and scenarios to facilitate a conversation about how to provide trauma-informed interventions.

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