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These workshops have been submitted for Category A Continuing Education Credits by the National Association of Social Workers, NH Chapter:

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Anxiety and Depression in Adolescent Girls
December 13 | Manchester

Drug use, self mutilation, sexual acting out, panic attacks, truancy, sadness, social isolation and suicidal ideation can all be manifestations of clinical anxiety and depression in adolescent females.

This workshop will address how to differentiate mood disorders from "normal" adolescent moodiness and oppositional behavior. Descriptions of treatment tailored to this developmental period will be explored. This workshop is appropriate for people working in schools, group homes, and other related settings.

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What Can We Do? Pathways to Understanding Youth Suicide
January 15 | Portsmouth

This workshop will begin with an examination of how suicide has been understood and misunderstood throughout modern history from a socio-cultural perspective. An exploration of the art and science of suicide intervention will be offered, by surveying the landscape of prevention programming and support. We’ll discuss the current research on suicidal trends, including the ways that suicide is understood from a neurobiological perspective. Finally, we’ll focus on ways that professionals who work with youth can take action, in large and small ways, both personally and professionally, to feel empowered in the fight to save young lives.

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