Advanced Violin Repair and Acoustics Studies - Tools and Materials

Advanced Violin Repair and Acoustics Studies - Tools and Materials
Instructor: Paul Wiessmeyer

NOTE: This workshop is NOT designed for work on fine Old Italian violins. 
Bring two or three instruments, or parts thereof, needing any of the above mentioned repairs. You should have a comprehensive set of tools, including clamps, brushes, and cutting tools.

All students are required to have their tools in hand at the beginning of the class! 
Students who do not wish to purchase the tools can rent a tool box through Randy Kellogg.

Please contact Randy Kellog  at  603-495-3643 


Tools: Sources Purpose   Quantity
Rigid 12"/30cm ruler
Metropolitan Music & Howard Core      
Alcohol lamp (removing nut @ times)        
1mm or 1/32" drill bit for peg string holes         
Power or hand drill        
Chinrest key        
Nut files         
Bridge template(s), Metropolitan Music, Cat. #29230, Metropolitan Music & Howard Core      
Scraper set; Japanese Metropolitan Music, Cat. #29230      
Sound Post angle jig      
Parchments, Metropolitan Music, Cat. #29230, Metropolitan Music & Howard Core      
Sharp pencil & notebook Your own source     1
Large Towel  Your own source     1
Pointed Tweezers Your own source     1
Violin Makers' Knife, 3.5 mm, AND 19mm Diefenbacher or Howard core     1each
Adjustable 9 1/2  Block Plane  Stanley, Randy Kellogg     1
Sound Post Setter for violin see suppliers below     1
Soundpost restriever see suppliers below     1
Compass - Divider see suppliers below     1
Small machinist square wood craft     1
Sandpaper, 80, 120, 150, 220, 320 grit Hardware store     1 of each
Wet & dry sandpaper, 60-420 grids see suppliers below      
Water bench stones for honing, various grids see suppliers below sharpen hand tools   course-fine
Optivisor # 5       optional
1 inch C clamps Hardware store     8 pieces
Inspecton Mirror see suppliers below     1
Flexible Stainless Steel Ruler 300mm see suppliers below     1
SEMI-Rigid Stainless Steel Ruler 300mm see suppliers below     1
Measuring tape metric and inches Hard ware store     1
Palette Knife straight, extra thin Local Artist Store to glue openings   1
 Grobet DOUBLE CUT Flat File, Cut 0 or similar see suppliers below     1
 Mouse tail file extra coarse, Grobet needle file round, cut 1 see suppliers below     1
Herdim Crack Clamp 280mm see suppliers below for gluing cracks    
Herdim Crack Clamp 180mm see suppliers below  glue cracks    
SMALL HAND SAW see suppliers below     1
Rectangular SCRAPER, 150X50X0.25 MM see suppliers below to scrape finger board   1
Herdim or Alberti Design Peg Shaper  see suppliers below     1
Violin Peg Reamer - Standard (do not buy spiral!) see suppliers below     1
Drill bits 1, 1.5, 2, 1.5, 3, 4, 5 mm Hard ware store     1 each
Hammer, small Hard ware store     1
Vernier slide Caliper       1
Three sided burnisher for scrapers Diefenbacher     1
Japanese saw file see suppliers below     1
Scratch awl       1
Pitchpipe A 440       1
Hill peg lube       1
Polish cloth (good quality cotton rag)       1
Cleaning cloth (good quality cotton rag)       1
Violin bridge jack Howard Core     1
Black grease pencil or carbon paper       1
Steel wool 0000       1
Soft White chalk (Pelikan) see suppliers below     1
Several carving gouges, various sizes and sweeps       three to four
Several chisels, various widths       three to four
Watercolor kit and 3 fine brushes Pelikan      
Alcohol soluble  varnishing retouch materials and colors can be purchased from: wood finishing enterprises     available during class 
Various retouch brushes, including several very fine natural hair Kolinsky  rotmarder bristle brushes  art store      
Various inexpensive sablette synthetic bristle brushes art store      

Please bring appropriate tools if you plan to work on a cello, viola etc. !


MATERIAL SOURCE Purpose   Quantity
Violin, viola, cello, fractional size, or five string instruments , never before set-up, must have an ebony fingerboard  Any supplier of Chinese instruments or German suppliers such as Holfter GmBH, Core  etc.     1 or 2
SPRUCE VIOLA BASS BARS see suppliers below making soundposts   3 EA
Violin Pegs see suppliers below     2 sets
Spruce billet for repair       1
FRENCH BRIDGE, MODEL #7 MIRECOURT.    VIOLIN 4/4, 40.5 mm                see suppliers below To Fit Bridge   3 EA
3 different set of strings, i.e.  steel,  gut,  perlon   bring your own     1 set 
Upper Saddles (Nuts) ebony blank see suppliers below     3
Broken violins in need of repair contact Randy Kellogg     3
Hard wood block 11.5 cm x 3cm x 2.5 cm Woodcraft Supply or Lumber Yard Sanding Fingerboard   1
Nikko polish Holfter GmbH     1
             A limited number of tool box rentals are available.  Please contact Randy Kellogg for more information:
Book: Henry A.Strobel "Useful Measurements for violin makers: A reference for shop use" isbn: 0-9620673-0-x    


Questions for Paul Wiessmeyer:


Woodcraft Tool Supply      
Howard Core      
Wood Finishing Enterprises      
Diefenbacher Tools      
Randy Kellogg  603-495-3643      
Alberti Design      
Metropolitan Music Co.      
Holfter GmbH