UNH Art Programs

Art Courses at UNH

UNH Professional Development & Training offers a variety of non-credit, continuing education art programs for hobbyists and professionals . 

Explore the attributes of drawing, painting, sculpting, welding & more. You can enroll at any time with flexible class formats that include one-day & multi-day workshops.

Introduction to Ceramics: Boundaries

July 9 & 10 | Durham

Sharpen your skills on the wheel. If you are just getting comfortable on the wheel or you are interested in making more consistent or larger vessels this is  the class for you.

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Design: Animated GIFS

Animated GIFs have been around since the late 1990s, but the rise of social media has allowed artists, businesses, and everyday users to create and share these fun mini-animations to grab people’s attention and communicate ideas in new ways.

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Welding: Tools, Techniques and Artistry

July 1 - 3 | Durham

We will introduce you to the topics of shop and equipment safety, design aesthetics in metal working, identifying and choosing materials, tools and techniques for manipulating the materials, and ways of joining metals including soldering and welding.

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Visual Culture of the Home Front of the Civil War

Pictures of the battles of the American Civil War are well-studied, but what was the visual experience of people on the home front? This workshop will explore the visual and material culture during the years immediately preceding and during the Civil War.

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Let’s Face It : Drawing the Human Head

July 13 | Durham

Drawing the human head has long been a source of  fascination and frustration for artists.  This one-day workshop focuses on developing strategies for drawing a convincing portrait.

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Drawing From Life Model

June 25-26 | Durham

In this two-day intense drawing workshop we learn different ways to explore, understand, and record human form. Working from life models, we investigate the human figure as a form with inner anatomical structure and surface features.

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Unseen Portsmouth: Photography

This workshop uses the Stratham Fair as its subject. There will be ample time throughout to ask questions about anything photographic—from technique to putting work out into the "world."

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Print Making : Wood Cuts

July 22, 24, 26 | Durham

This 3-day workshop will introduce students to the process of reduction woodcut printing. It will cover the preparation of the woodblock, preparation of the printing paper, registration techniques, basic ink mixing, and multi-layered printing.

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In Living Color: Drawing with Color

July 10 & 11 | Durham

In this workshop we will explore color through materials such as: pastel, oil pastel, and colored pencils. We will use the observed natural world, still-life, and imagination for an experience in the wonders of color.

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Landscape Painting in New England

5 Days | July 9-23 | Durham

This course is an introduction to the basic skills and concepts of landscape painting En Plein Aire.  Through daily demonstrations this course will explore the basic tenets of oil painting including materials, color, value, and composition through the lens of the landscape.

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