Design Courses at UNH

NEW for Fall 2019! Instructor Michelle Lepler has designed and led workshops and classes for 20 years while working at other design positions in New York City and Long Island. Discover design concepts (sketching, research, planning and budgeting), illustration, measuring accurately, pattern making, construction and embellishing.

Design It & Make It!

October 22 & 29 | Portsmouth

If you’ve always wanted to create your own clothing, costumes, accessories, and/or jewelry designs, this class will educate, encourage and provide professional tips to help you succeed. We will cover design concepts (sketching, research, planning and budgeting), illustration, measuring accurately, pattern making, construction (as needed) and embellishing.

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RE-Purpose, RE-Create, RE-Design

October 26, November 2 & 9 | Portsmouth

The goal of RE-DESIGNING is to give an item new purpose while being ecologically friendly. The classes will cover: design concepts (sketching, research, planning & budgeting), illustration, measuring accurately, pattern/plan making, construction (as needed), embellishing, and the final results of making your NEW RE-DESIGNED item.

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Art Courses at UNH

UNH Professional Development & Training offers a variety of non-credit, continuing education art programs led by the UNH Art Department faculty. Explore the attributes of drawing, painting, sculpting, welding & more. You can enroll at any time with flexible class formats that include one-day & multi-day workshops.

In Living Color: Drawing with Color

Oct 25 & Nov 1 | Durham

In this workshop we will explore color through materials such as: pastel, oil pastel, and colored pencils. We will use the observed natural world, still-life, and imagination for an experience in the wonders of color.

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Print Making : Wood Cuts

3 Days | Begins Oct 26 | Durham

This 3-day workshop will introduce students to the process of reduction woodcut printing. It will cover the preparation of the woodblock, preparation of the printing paper, registration techniques, basic ink mixing, and multi-layered printing.

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Two Saturdays: Drawing From Life Model

Nov 2 & 9 | Durham

In this two-day intense drawing workshop we learn different ways to explore, understand, and record human form. Working from life models, we investigate the human figure as a form with inner anatomical structure and surface features.

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Let’s Face It : Drawing the Human Head

Oct 26 | Durham

Drawing the human head has long been a source of  fascination and frustration for artists.  This one-day workshop focuses on developing strategies for drawing a convincing portrait.

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Pictures of Words: Painting and Drawing with Chinese Characters

Oct 26 | Durham

Learn the unique origin of Chinese characters, appreciate artistic calligraphy styles, and come away with some Chinese words to enrich our own visual language. The workshop goal is to broaden the understanding of language and the relationship between image and meaning.

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