Basic Maintenance for Orchestral Instruments: Keeping your Orchestral Instruments Healthy Tool List

Materials/Tools to bring with you to class:

- Violin  

- Bow (with horse hair)

- *Optional - bring a Glasser student-level bow also if possible

- Set of Student-level violin strings to fit your Violin (String Sets may be available for purchase in class)

- Towel for Violin to rest on while on the table/desk

- Mechanical #5 or #7 pencil

- 300mm flexible metal ruler 

- Small clean cloth/rag

- Bow rosin (any brand is fine)

- *Optional, but recommended; W.E.Hill Peg Compound ("peg dope")

- Notebook w/ blank, lined paper & pencil/pen



- List of suppliers is available from other courses offered

(Strings, ruler, rosin, etc. is available from many local music stores, online, or email with questions on where to look)


What's available in class (not necessary to bring):

- Paper towels

- Rubbing Alcohol

- Water (for dilution purposes)

- Rosin Remover