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Blockchain, the new disruptive technology which has been making waves in the finance industry for years, is now poised to spread across industries and fundamentally change the way we traditionally do business.  As a result, employers from all sectors are scrambling to hire and train blockchain developers, engineers and managers to stay relevant in an ever-changing business environment.

UNH Professional Development & Training has partnered with The Blockchain Academy to offer classroom workshops and on demand, online trainings designed to help you join the blockchain revolution!

Explore the latest in cryptocurrency/Bitcoin, smart contracts, financial technology, implementation strategy, and regulation with blockchain programs at UNH Professional Development & Training.

Upcoming Classroom Programs

Blockchain Foundations | Apr. 11 & 12 | Portsmouth | Enroll Now

The perfect introduction for students, executives, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts interested in understanding the basics of blockchain technology and the impact it will have in our work and personal lives.  

The Enterprise Blockchain Strategy | May 1, 2 & 3 | Portsmouth | Enroll Now

A course for decision-making executives whose supply chain models and operations could be impacted by the introduction of blockchain technology.

Ethereum Solidity Smart Contract | May 9 & 10 | Portsmouth | Enroll Now

A two-day workshop that gives you the tools required to start and produce your own smart contracts.

On Demand Online Programs

Learn the latest in blockchain technology with online, on demand, self-paced workshops that cover current topics including bitcoin, smart contracts, financial technology, and more:

The Blockchain Bundle (Online) | On Demand | Enroll Now

Save up to 45% when enrolling in The Blockchain Bundle (Online), our top four online programs: Blockchain Foundations (Online), Blockchain & Bitcoin Intensive (Online), Blockchain & the Financial Sector Intensive (Online) & Blockchain Development Decision (Online).

More Information on Blockchain & Bitcoin Programs at UNH

For more information on UNH Professional Deveolpment & Trainings blockchain and cryptocurrency workshops and custom training programs, contact Michael Mengers (michael.mengers@unh.edu).