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Blockchain, the new disruptive technology which has been making waves in the finance industry for years, is now poised to spread across industries and fundamentally change the way we traditionally do business.  As a result, employers from all sectors are scrambling to hire and train blockchain developers, engineers and managers to stay relevant in an ever-changing business environment.

UNH Professional Development & Training has partnered with Ed2Go to offer Blockchain workshops with a self-paced or instructor-led option.


Blockchain Fundamentals (Online)

Online | Self-Paced or Instructor-Led | 6 weeks (24 instruction hours)

This course provides a foundation in the underlying methodology of blockchain, including the roles of participants of mining, minting, and the algorithms that determine consensus.

This course provides a foundation in a practical knowledge of blockchain. Beginning with an understanding of blockchain technology and its intended purpose, the course progresses into blockchain architecture. You will review the enterprise implementation and practical use of blockchain, such as in banking, healthcare and government applications. Throughout the course, you will also learn how blockchain evolved from its beginnings with cryptocurrencies and the role it plays in the trading, distribution, and other transactions that occur with cryptocurrency.

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