Successful 2018 Violin Craftsmanship Institute

July 27, 2018

Individuals from around the world converged on the University of New Hampshire in June to take part in the UNH Violin Craftsmanship Institute. This proved to be an exciting year for the institute with the addition of two new instructors and two new workshops including cello set-up and tonal adjustments and bass set-up.

Bass set up class photo

Photo : Bass set up class instructed by Jay Vanderkopple and assisted by Keiran O’Hara. New course for 2018. Photo/Lynn Hannings

Participants were thrilled with what they were able to accomplish in the few short weeks. “We leave every year with a little clearer understanding of the process of bow making,” said David Dyott who participated in the bow making workshop with instructor Lynn Hannings and the bow making and repair independent study with instructor George Rubino.

class photo

Dyott comes to the institute every year to deepen his understanding of the instruments that he is most passionate about. “Each year there are challenges, but we leave with a sense of accomplishment,” he said, adding, “each year we learn more about the process.”

Students noted that the comradery and support from instructors and other students was extremely beneficial to gaining a deeper understanding about the instruments that they were working on. Not only are students able to learn new skills, they are also able to make new connections with people who share their love of music.

The institute’s distinguished instructors also helped make this year very special. Some students attended just to have the opportunity to work with specific people.

 “It’s a great opportunity to be mentored by masters of the trade,” said Will Howery who participated in the violin and viola building class taught by Todd Goldenberg, “the people are really professionals, I came here just to work with Todd.”

Photo: Violin and viola building class instructor Todd Goldenberg and assistant Claire Curtis. Photo/Lynn Hannings

Participants of all levels, from beginners to masters, agreed that the UNH Violin Craftsmanship Institute is a great opportunity to improve their skills in an art for which they all share a passion. For more information about the UNH Violin Craftsmanship institute please visit

Photo: Lynn Hannings bow making class assisted by Mike Brough. Photo/Lynn Hannings

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Olivia Olbrych

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