Career Catalyst: Laura Towne gained pivotal clarity about her career trajectory with UNH’s Professional Development & Training

Laura Towne headshotThis workshop helped me to realize what I wanted in an organization in terms of employee engagement and a supervisor. It also taught me more about what I wanted to provide to others as a leader and was the catalyst for me making a much-needed shift in my career.

 Laura Towne, Director of Human Resources, Volunteers, and Interns
Strawberry Banke Museum


When Laura decided to sign up for a Business & Industry certificate program with PD&T, she was looking to gain new skills and advance in her field. At the time, she was a student in the MBA program at UNH and registered for the Leadership and Management certificate as an independent study. Not only did she develop tangible business and leadership skills, but she also gained new perspectives on her career goals and a greater sense of self-awareness: “I have learned an incredible amount, not only about the topics discussed, but about myself as a person.”

Laura took communication, human resources, leadership & management, and supervisory skills courses through PD&T. She appreciated the wide range of topics and ease of access to course offerings, which eventually helped her transition to a new job where she was immediately able to put these new skills to use at an organization where she felt she could thrive.

I have learned how to be a better leader, how to be a better listener, how to facilitate difficult conversations, and how to use my voice to advocate for myself and others. These are all skills I use every day as an HR professional.