Chuck Bagley

Chuck Bagley acquired an associates degree in forest technology from UNH's Thompson School and a bachelor's in forest resource management from Central Washington University in Washington State. He has worked on fire crews, timber crews, and water quality and soil conservation projects in the Pacific Northwest. His experience with the Washington Agriculture and Forestry Leadership Program sharpened his skills in facilitation along with his experience at UNH's Browne Center, BU's Sargent Camp, natural resource planning, community facilitation and workplace training. Chuck's other great passion is learning about learning. In pursuing optimal learning, Chuck received a master's in adult learning and development and a CAGS in the neurodevelopmental approach to teaching. He's taught a variety of topics at the undergraduate and graduate level as well as English to refugees and created several faculty development programs. He is currently working on a doctorate in education focusing on facilitating the development of effective learning practices.