Adobe Premiere: Level 1 at UNH

Adobe Premiere: Level I

Adobe Premiere is the industry’s leading post-production editing software. It is used in all types of video production – from small scale promotional videos to cable news television shows to Academy Award nominated works.

During this workshop, students will be introduced to the essential tools of Adobe Premiere Pro and gain a thorough understanding of application features. Students will learn how to harness raw footage and create video content through trimming clips, adding title sequences, editing and adding audio, mixing and creating transitions, and utilizing the project manager.

Other skills that will be taught in this introduction include:

  • Utilizing the timeline feature
  • Cutting one frame into two
  • Apply special effects
  • How to export and publish videos

This workshop is designed for anyone looking to gain a basic understanding of Adobe Premiere software and sharpen their editing skills.

Students must bring a laptop computer (PC or Mac) with Adobe Premiere Pro to class. Don't have Adobe Premiere Pro? Download a free 7-day trial before coming to class.



Tools & Materials


Adobe Premiere: Level I

Students must bring a laptop computer (PC or Mac) with Adobe Premiere Pro to class.  Don't have Adobe Premiere Pro?  Download a free 7-day trial before coming to class.

All other worskhop materials will be provided.

Instructor Bios


Adobe Premiere: Level I

  • Pete Fullerton

    Pete Fullerton

    Pete Fullerton is the owner of Fast Century Films, a full service video production company. Pete started flying in 2013 and quickly became fascinated with their ability to get unique and interesting shots. Pete is a licensed FAA part 107 drone pilot and always finding ways to incorporate aerial footage into his work. When not flying you can find Pete in his editing suite cutting up footage, editing a timelapse and planning his next shoot.



Adobe Premiere: Level I

The Principles of Editing and Tools
  • Styles and types of editing
  • Workflow and how to plan an edit
  • Importing and organizing footage
How to Build the Edit
  • Overview of Tools
    • Timeline
    • Zoom
    • Selecting Clips
    • Deleting Clips
  • Building a rough cut/radio cut of an edit.
    • Splitting Clips
    • Shortening Clips
    • Using Ripple Edit Tool
    • Changing Clip Speed
    • Inserting Space between clips
  • Sequencing visuals and transitioning between scenes
    • Changing the Default Transitions
    • Using A/B Mode

Advanced Editing

  • Animation
  • Adding titles and images
  • Integrating Photoshop files
  • Color correction
  • Log / LUTs
  • Adding in music
  • Audio mixing
  • Video effects and adjustment layers
Completion and Exporting
  • Finishing edit
    • Deleting Unused Clips
    • Rendering the Project
  • Export settings
    • Publishing to YouTube or Vimeo
    • Creating MPEG4 file

Class Agenda Subject to Change
Agendas are treated as guides to help steer the workshop. It is not guaranteed that all the topics listed will be covered in the time allowed. The amount of material covered will be based on the class audience and may change or be altered to best suit the classes needs.

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