Bow Repairing

Rather than replacing a bow that needs repair, fix it! This workshop will cover routine repairs that will keep bows in good working order. Often bows that come in for rehairing also need repair; normal wear and tear from regular use. Since all these repairs can dramatically affect the weight and balance of the bow, it is critically important that bow shop employees understand the aspects of playability and the importance of meeting the physical and musical needs of the musicians entrusting them with their bows. Hands-on instruction will include cambering and straightening of the stick, eyelet replacement, tip replacement, pin repairs and winding/leather grip replacements. This workshop, in addition to the Bow Rehairing course, will best prepare you for meeting the needs of your clients who require bows that are well balanced, draw a good sound on their instruments and are comfortable in the hand, to most successfully make beautiful music and to avoid injury.

Class will meet in person from 9am to 5pm, with additional open workshop hours in the evening.

Materials and Tools
You will need a number of student-level bows in need of repair (any condition, several if possible). A complete list of tools and suppliers is available at lahbows.com. If you have any questions about preparation for this workshop, you may contact Lynn Hannings at lynnh@lahbows.com.

If this course is full and you’re prompted to join a wait list, feel free to contact instructor Lynn Hannings at lynnh@lahbows.com to discuss independent study opportunities during another week of the UNH VCI.

09:00am - 05:00pm
Durham Campus - Putnam Hall
Lynn Hannings
999.00 PDT - Violin Institute