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Fluency with Numbers and Operations (K-5)

Explore a brief overview of instructional shifts for developing mathematical ideas around fluency with numbers and operations. At the end of the day, you will be more familiar with a variety of computational and operational math strategies as well as the importance of developing number flexibility. We will practice addition/subtraction and multiplication/division strategies and hands-on activities to incorporate into your teaching practice that support developing understanding with these math concepts. Find out how the use of manipulatives can further support mathematical understanding allowing students to understand eventually why standard algorithms work. Learn tasks, games, and activities for math instruction to increase student engagement as well as build more excitement of math for students. Participants leave with games/activities students can work through in small group or independently in the classroom.

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Fluency with Numbers and Operations (K-5)

  • Jess Jacques

    Jess Jacques

    Jessica is the Mathematics Specialist for the Merrimack Valley School District which serves the communities of Boscawen, Loudon, Penacook, Salisbury, and Webster, NH. She primarily works with the five elementary schools and middle school supporting teachers with the implementation of a more inquiry based approach by providing resources to support grade specific math curriculum, modeling lessons, and providing professional development opportunities for staff so that they can develop a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts.

    Prior to acquiring this position, Jessica graduated from Keene State College with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and Middle School Math Education with a minor in Mathematics; she accepted a middle school position with Merrimack Valley Middle School in 1997. Jessica has taught grades 6, 7, and 8 at the middle school for seventeen years, coached the math team for ten years, and assumed a leadership role within the math department. During her time at Merrimack Valley Middle School, she earned her Masters of Education in Mathematics K-8 at Plymouth State University in 2004 as well as her certification as a math specialist in 2014.

    In addition to attending many local math conferences, she has co-presented twice at the NHTM dine and discuss events and presented at the NHTM spring conference in 2016.  Additionally, she was the recipient of the Richard C. Evans Distinguished Mathematics Educator Award in 2016. Her current professional memberships include NHTM and NCTM.

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