Manage Not to Micromanage

This program is traditionally a face-to-face classroom training but has been moved online due to recommendations for distance learning because of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

We all have experienced the dissatisfaction and reduced performance that results from being micromanaged. But as a leader who is responsible and accountable for the work of others, how do you balance being in control without reducing participation and involvement?

Learn five strategies of decision making, four decision making styles, and the factors you should consider when selecting a strategy or style.

Discover how to increase employee freedom, involvement and development to maximize employee satisfaction and performance.

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Manage Not to Micromanage

  • Lynne Richards

    Lynne Richards

    Lynne Richards, MBA, is an author, founder of Leading Generations, a training and leadership development firm, and a member of the National Speakers Assn. She specializes in helping people develop their leadership, supervisory, and training skills. With over 20 years' experience in management and training, she brings a wealth of hands-on, practical experience to the classroom, providing clients with workshops on leadership, supervision, communication, and training design and delivery.

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