From Start to Shelf: Bringing Design Ideas to Market

From Start to Shelf: Bringing Design Ideas to Market

Implementing a product design involves planning, prototyping, user-testing and production. In this workshop, we'll map design ideas from concept to finished product. Participants will learn agile development, prototyping, storyboarding, how to research and talk with vendors about materials and processes, how to get quotes, take notes, organize files, schedule production and deliver the goods. Hands-on exercises include production planning and management for a website, a printed piece, and a packaged product.

Anyone responsible for design, communications, production, project management, at supervisory or technical job levels, will benefit from this workshop.

Goals and outcomes include: managing and mapping a design idea from concept to finished product; prototyping, user testing and design itera­tion (measure twice, cut once); and overseeing production processes, implementation, scheduling and delivery of virtual and physical products. 

This is part of the Digital Design Certificate Program, but you do not need to enroll in the program to take this workshop.

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From Start to Shelf: Bringing Design Ideas to Market

  • Karla Whitney

    Karla Whitney

    Karla Whitney, MFA, is a graphic designer, author, and small business owner who has successfully developed, managed and supervised programs for higher education and business. She has worked on special projects with Tom's of Maine, Apple Computer, and Thomson Publishing, and teaches courses in writing and graphic design. She is a contributing author and illustrator for the "Shelly Cashman Series, Adobe Photoshop, Complete Concepts and Techniques," and is included in "Rogue Wave: Level Best Books, Best New England Crime Fiction 2015 Anthology." Her new book, "Design Undercover," which will be available later this year, explores creative and critical dimensions of design and communications, including problem analysis. In addition to a B.S. in Technology Education, she has an MFA in Design from Massachusetts College of Art.

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