Structuring Projects for Success: Dealing with Project Uncertainty at UNH

Structuring Projects For Success: Dealing with Project Uncertainty

All project plans, no matter how well prepared contain uncertainty which represents risk to the project objectives. Understanding and confronting project risk will help ensure achievement of the project objectives which is essential for a successful project.

In Structuring Projects For Success: Dealing with Project Uncertainty, the concepts of risk will be explored and then linked into project management. You will be introduced to the tools and techniques for identifying and assessing project risk factors. Through the use of qualitative methods, you'll learn how to prioritize risks and determine their potential impact on the project objectives.

Interactive case studies will be employed to demonstrate the application of the presented tools and techniques. A section of the workshop will be devoted to addressing typical organizational obstacles to adopting risk management practices.

What You Will Learn


Structuring Projects For Success: Dealing with Project Uncertainty

Workshop Topics Include:

The Organization

  • The Structure
  • The Culture
  • Governance
  • The Project Manager

The System

  • Overview
  • Project Governance
  • Project Initiation
  • Execution and Control
  • Project Closure


  • Commitment to Core Principles
  • Follow-Up

The Quantitative Basis

  • Quantitative Communication
  • Quantitative Objectives
  • Setting the Expectation For the Quantitative Basis

The Tracking Meeting

  • Overview
  • Structure
  • Tracking Meeting Inputs
  • Tracking Meeting Outputs
  • Managing By Milestones
  • Action Item Log
  • Identifying and Managing to the Top 3 Issues
  • The Pulse of the Project


  • Basis For Project Accountability
  • Use of Escalation

Project Uncertainty

  • Project Plan Uncertainty: Scope
  • Sources of Scope Based Uncertainty
  • Sources of Schedule
  • Plan Review

Structuring Projects for Success: The Path Forward Initiative

  • Project Management Process Assessment
  • Organizational Cultural and Behavioral Assessment
  • Project Manager Qualities Assessment

Case Statements/Studies

Project Management Plan Documents

Instructor Bios


Structuring Projects For Success: Dealing with Project Uncertainty

  • Rob Cimini

    Rob Cimini

    Rob Cimini is a Principal Consultant with Pinnacle Project Source. Rob has 18 years of experience in managing projects over a diverse industrial base as well as implementing project management systems in organizations. He is a certified project management professional (PMP) through the Project Management Institute.

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