Violin Setup II and Basic Repair

Important Announcement: 2022 UNH Violin Craftmanship Institute will be held online.

Students may select, based on experience level, one or two-weeks of instruction to deepen their knowledge in set-up, explore sound adjustments and minor repairs in this hand-on workshop. The fundamentals as taught by Mr. Morris in Set-up, Part I will be reinforced and expanded upon and will include dressing an ebony violin fingerboard and making a new upper nut. In addition to fitting a new sound post, bridge, and tailpiece etc., Mr. Wiessmeyer will demonstrate to the class the techniques at the bench required to perform the above-mentioned procedures and minor repairs including the proper gluing of seams and basic violin maintenance. Detailed attention is given to sound adjusting and problem solving. You will receive daily one on one guidance and instruction. Open to students who participated in Basic Set-up I and Tool Use or students with previous repair experience.

A list of the tools and materials required for this course can be found at the Tools & Materials tab above, or by clicking here.

Register by May 31 and save!  $999 if registered by May 31, $1,099 afterward.

Tools & Materials


Violin Setup II and Basic Repair

Violin Set-Up II & Basic Repair - Tools and Materials
Instructor: Paul Wiessmeyer
Required Book: Henry A.Strobel "Useful Measurements for violin makers: A reference for shop use"

Materials and instruments are not included in the tool box rental. It is the responsibility of participants to bring their own materials and violins for set-up.


  • Two new violins not previously set up with  good quality ebony fingerboards. Please--no old or unvarnished violins. Viola, cello, fractional size, or five string instruments are optional.  (From any supplier of new Chinese student instruments)
  • Violin Pegs--shafts must be larger than the peg holes and the peg box
  • 5 French bridges, Model #7 MIRECOURT.  Violin 4/4, 41.5 mm               
  • 3 different set of strings, i.e.  steel,  gut,  perlon --two sets of used violin strings are ok too
  • Nikko polish
  • Violin sound post material
  • Violin tail pieces, tail gut, fine tuners, large end buttons. If you plan to work on instruments other than violin, please bring the appropriate materials and accessories for set-up.

Materials Suppliers:


All students are required to have their tools in hand at the beginning of the class!  Students who do not wish to purchase the tools can rent a tool box.  Original # 9 1/2 Stanley block planes in good working order are available for purchase from  Randy Kellogg. Thanks to the 2016 donation of tools in memory of a past participant, Adrian Teuscher, the Institute has a limited supply of tools to supplement tool box rentals. Toolboxes containing all the tools mentioned below can also be rented  from Randy Kellogg. Please contact Randy Kellogg directly at 603-495-3643 to inquire about rental fee and availability.


Tools: Sources Purpose   Quantity
Rigid 12"/30cm ruler
Metropolitan Music & Howard Core      
Alcohol lamp (removing nut @ times)        
1mm or 1/32" drill bit for peg string holes         
Power or hand drill        
Chinrest key        
Nut files         
Bridge template(s) bostonfiddle.com, Metropolitan Music, Cat. #29230, Metropolitan Music & Howard Core      
Scraper set; Japanese Metropolitan Music, Cat. #29230      
Sound Post angle jig bostonfiddle.com      
Parchments bostonfiddle.com, Metropolitan Music, Cat. #29230, Metropolitan Music & Howard Core      
Sharp pencil & notebook Your own source     1
Large Towel  Your own source     1
Pointed Tweezers Your own source     1
Violin Makers' Knife, 3.5 mm, AND 19mm Diefenbacher or Howard core     1each
Adjustable 9 1/2  Block Plane  Stanley, Randy Kellogg     1
Sound Post Setter for violin see suppliers below     1
Soundpost restriever see suppliers below     1
Compass - Divider see suppliers below     1
Small machinist square wood craft     1
Sandpaper, 80, 120, 150, 220, 320 grit Hardware store     1 of each
Wet & dry sandpaper, 60-420 grids see suppliers below      
Water bench stones for honing, various grids see suppliers below sharpen hand tools   course-fine
Optivisor # 5       optional
1 inch C clamps Hardware store     8 pieces
Inspecton Mirror see suppliers below     1
Flexible Stainless Steel Ruler 300mm see suppliers below     1
SEMI-Rigid Stainless Steel Ruler 300mm see suppliers below     1
Measuring tape metric and inches Hard ware store     1
Palette Knife straight, extra thin Local Artist Store to glue openings   1
 Grobet DOUBLE CUT Flat File, Cut 0 or similar see suppliers below     1
 Mouse tail file extra coarse, Grobet needle file round, cut 1 see suppliers below     1
Herdim Crack Clamp 280mm see suppliers below for gluing cracks    
Herdim Crack Clamp 180mm see suppliers below  glue cracks    
SMALL HAND SAW see suppliers below     1
Rectangular SCRAPER, 150X50X0.25 MM see suppliers below to scrape finger board   1
Herdim or Alberti Design Peg Shaper  see suppliers below     1
Violin Peg Reamer - Standard (do not buy spiral!) see suppliers below     1
Drill bits 1, 1.5, 2, 1.5, 3, 4, 5 mm Hard ware store     1 each
Hammer, small Hard ware store     1
Vernier slide Caliper       1
Three sided burnisher for scrapers Diefenbacher     1
Japanese saw file see suppliers below     1
Scratch awl       1
Pitchpipe A 440       1
Hill peg lube       1
Polish cloth (good quality cotton rag)       1
Cleaning cloth (good quality cotton rag)       1
Violin bridge jack Howard Core     1
Black grease pencil or carbon paper       1
Steel wool 0000       1
Soft White chalk (Pelikan) see suppliers below     1
Several carving gouges, various sizes and sweeps       three to four
Several chisels, various widths       three to four
Watercolor kit and 3 fine brushes Pelikan      
Alcohol soluble  varnishing retouch materials and colors can be purchased from: wood finishing enterprises     available during class 
Various retouch brushes, including several very fine natural hair Kolinsky  rotmarder bristle brushes  art store      
Various inexpensive sablette synthetic bristle brushes art store      


Tools Suppliers:

  • Randy Kellogg                                      603-495-3643


Questions for Paul Wiessmeyer - inquiries@bostonfiddle.com


Instructor Bios


Violin Setup II and Basic Repair

  • Paul Weissmeyer

    Paul Wiessmeyer graduated from the world-renowned violinmaking school in Mittenwald, Germany, in 1981. Subsequently he worked at the shops of Hans Weisshaar and Robert Cauer in Los Angeles before opening his own shop in LA in 1986. Since 1991, he has owned and operated Paul Wiessmeyer Violins in Boston, Massachusetts, a full-service shop specializing in repair, service, sound adjustments, and sales of violins, violas, and celli. His clients include symphony players, professional musicians, conservatory students, and schools. He is a member of the American Federation of Violin & Bowmakers and the Violin Society of America. Paul has won several gold medals for his instruments at the H. Wienawski competition and the violin making competition of the Violin Society of America. In 2016, he was selected to judge the Violin Society of America’s making competition.

  • Charles Wolf

    Charles Wolf is a retired Music Educator from California, after 35 years teaching Instrumental music in San Diego County, Orange County, and the Los Angeles City public schools. He holds a Bachelor of Music Degree in both Music Education and Music Performance, Master of Music Degree, a Clear-Life California Teaching Credential, and a Tier 1 Administrative Credential.

    Charlie found that his passion for teaching music to students quickly called him to service, and the rewards of his students’ success are many, including his ensembles being invited to perform at Carnegie Hall, Symphony Hall in Chicago, the Hawaiian Invitation and many more. Having been honored with Teacher of the Year three times in his respective school districts, the City of Chula Vista (CA) three consecutive years, named “Orchestral Director of the Year,” and twice Band Educator of the Year in San Diego County, Charlie’s awards are representative for his devotion to the Music Education of his students.

    Charlie was administrator for the Summer Arts Academy in San Diego County. For 10 years, he brought together eight individual Visual and Performing Arts components for an intensive and comprehensive session for top honor students within the Visual and Performing Arts with some of the highest-rated VAPA Educators in San Diego County.

    Now, Charlie enjoys conducting honor bands and orchestras as a means of helping young musicians receive another perspective and higher-level skills within an honor ensemble. He is a “Head Judge” in the Southern California School Band and Orchestra Association where his critiques of festivals and marching band field tournaments allow him to coach and assist other music educators.

    While still in high school, Charlie became the stringed instrument and bow repair technician for one of the largest music stores in Orange County, CA. The store serviced many of the surrounding schools and school districts, and Charlie soon became proficient in expedient and quality repairs - a specialty he enjoyed (and still does) was to re-hair bows.

    Always wanting to return to one of his first passions, Charlie owns and operates a highly successful Orchestral String Repair & Sales business called All Four Strings: selling and repairing violins, violas, cellos, and double basses, along with their bows and accessories.

    He is a student of Lynn Armour Hannings, George Rubino, Francis Morris, Paul Wiessmeyer, Jay VandeKopple, Chuck Sazone, Mike Dadonna and Robert McIntosh and returns each summer to UNH to further his depth of understanding and techniques with repairs and restorations from the amazing teaching staff. Charlie is often invited to schools, school districts and conferences to help music educators understand how to maintain a healthy orchestral instrument and to identify when there are issues that should be addressed for repair.

    He also enjoys woodworking projects at home and has his beautiful wife Magdalena to thank for her love, understanding and constant support.

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