What Does it Really Mean to Pause and Ponder? (Gr. 4-12)

What Does it Really Mean to Pause and Ponder? (Gr. 4-12)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This program is scheduled as a face-to-face classroom training during the Fall 2020 semester, but may be moved online due to future recommendations for distance learning due to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).  Any updates will be posted on this page and all enrolled students will be notified by email of any anticipated curtailments.


Understanding fiction and non-fiction literature involves many layers of thinking.

Deeper understanding is much more than remembering tedious details, summarizing, or simply giving a literal response about a text reading.  This workshop is designed for participants to unpack the question, “How do we engage learners to read more closely, read more thoughtfully, and read more critically?"


In this professional development experience we explore multi-modal practices to help students become more attentive and think more strategically, analytically, and critically.  Our goal is to re-frame and reconstruct how we engage students in deeper levels of understanding by building a repertoire of practical ideas designed to ignite in them a passion for deeper thinking about text, themselves, and the world.


This course was previously titled "Pause and Ponder: Reading Comprehension (Gr. 4-12)"

Instructor Bios


What Does it Really Mean to Pause and Ponder? (Gr. 4-12)

  • Ellie Papazoglou

    Ellie Papazoglou, D.A., has experience as a classroom teacher, reading specialist, PD coordinator, and college lecturer. Currently, she teaches in Plymouth State University's Department of Educational Leadership, Learning and Curriculum. She is also a consultant for the UNH English Department's Learning through Teaching program and a Literacy Consultant for Mascoma Valley Regional School District, and recently completed a two-year consultation at Moultonborough Central School. She has developed various literacy courses for graduate studies, and presented at both regional and national conferences. She is a NH delegate to the New England Reading Assn. and coeditor of the NERA E-Newsletter.

09:00am - 03:30pm
Portsmouth - 231 Corporate Drive
Ellie Papazoglou
169.00 Tuition (includes lunch)