• Honor Kindness

    Recognizing Acts of Kindness in Education

Amy Reynolds: 2017 Honor Kindness Award Winner


Congratulations to our 2017 Honor Kindness Award Winner, Amy Reynolds from Rye Junior High School!


Amy works tirelessly to support both students and staff in being kind, generous, and empathetic toward all. Her classroom at Rye Junior High School is cocooned in positive messages and uplifting statements, along with gently challenging reminders ("you don't know what someone else is going through, so always be kind..."). Students look to her to model those behaviors every day, and she does so with grace and style. Amy coordinates the staff "Sunshine Club", which recognizes monumental happenings in the lives of staff members. She often sees the positive in situations where the rest of us see challenges. She is a positive leader in our school building.


Congrats to our Runner Ups!

Valerie is currently a Social Studies teacher at Oyster River School district. She is well known for her efforts to make time for anyone who may need help, from teachers to students. In addition to being the co-president of the Teacher's Guild, Valerie volunteered to help Oyster River's social studies department transition to competencies, in the face of overwhelming adversity. As she continues to make a postivie difference in the lives of all her students, her mantra remains the same: "what is best for the students." Valerie continues to be a role model and mentor for the school district despite all of the challenges that come with being an educator.






Sandra Adams is a 23 year veteran educator and a seven year principle of Stratford Public School. Her consistent, not random, acts of kindness are seen, heard and felt with the heart. Staff, students and community members alike witness her positive energy and genuine care for everyone around her. From the spirit notes in staff mailboxes, to greeting students with memorabilia encouraging best efforts, to late nights fighting to keep her school abreast, Ms. Adams is the exact definition of kindness-humanity, generosity, charity, sympathy and compassion.





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