Jaclyn Jordan

Jaclyn Jordan is a seasoned paid search strategist, with experience managing over 200 international accounts across more than 25 industries. She is currently a Paid Search Strategist at WordStream dedicated to driving online growth for her client portfolio via paid search. She began her search career in Germany, working to expand a start-up’s online presence to English-speaking European markets. She also has agency experience in the automotive space driving over 80 lead generation paid search accounts for national dealerships. Her current role at WordStream allows for collaborative and innovative analysis with some of the industry’s top thought leaders. Managing accounts around the world from lead generation to ecommerce, Jaclyn is dedicated to growing her clients’ businesses by pushing their paid search accounts to the next level and being on the forefront of betas and search innovation. Jaclyn holds a BS in Marketing from Stonehill College, and is currently earning her Masters in Predictive Analytics from Northwestern University. Jaclyn is on a mission to help businesses of all sizes grow through strategic online marketing decisions, analysis and creativity.