Jennifer Priestley

Jennifer Lewis Priestley is a professor of applied statistics and data science at Kennesaw State, where she is also the director of the center for statistics and analytical services. She was recognized by the SAS Institute as the 2012 distinguished statistics professor of the year and regularly speaks at data and analytics conferences. She has authored many published articles on binary classification, sampling and application of statistical methodologies for problem solving, as well as several textbook manuals for Excel, SPSS, SAS and Minitab. Prior to receiving a Ph.D. in statistics, Priestley worked in the financial services industry for 11 years. Her positions included vice president of business development for VISA EU; vice president for business development for MasterCard International; and additional positions with AT&T Universal Card and Andersen Consulting. Priestley received an MBA from The Pennsylvania State University and a B.S. from Georgia Tech. She also received a certification from the ABA Bankcard School and a certification in Base SAS Programming and a Business Analyst Certification from the SAS Institute.