Keiran O-Hara, Assistant

Keiran O'Hara is the owner and head luthier at O'Hara Fine Instruments, a shop just north of New York City specializing exclusively on Double Basses. Studying Music and Environmental Science at Florida State University, Keiran was drawn to work on instruments for the mix of art and science. While at Florida State, he took classes and independent studies in the Piano Technology Shop in the College of Music and then for four years taught a class in String Instrument Repair for Music Educators. Naturally, as a bassist he wanted to specialize in the instrument that felt at home with. This led him to work in the shop of Arnold Schnitzer. In the Schnitzer shop, Keiran grew to take on the duties of repairs, assembly and set up of the New Standard Basses, chromatic extension, and restorations. After eight years, Mr. Schnitzer retired and Keiran hung out his own shingle in 2017 to serve the greater bass community.