Learn to Live Sustainably with “Foundations of Permaculture” Workshop

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Permaculture is a social and agricultural design principle that follows patterns observed in natural ecosystems and promotes a way of living sustainably with minimal impact on the earth. As climate change becomes a more pressing issue in society, learning to live sustainably is more important than ever.

UNH Professional Development and Training will host an online workshop “Foundations of Permaculture” beginning Jan. 7 through Feb. 15. Classes will be taught by industry professional Lauren Chase-Powell who has been studying, teaching, and practicing permaculture since 1997.

“It designs the way we live,” said Chase-Powell. “Permaculture makes you think in effective ways.”

Chase-Powell emphasizes that permaculture works with nature in designs rather than working against it. She explained that permaculture has three foundational rules: earth care, people care, and fair share. First, people must prioritize caring for the earth and natural environment; second, other people must be prioritized, and third, people must not take more than they need.

This course is the first of three online courses that will culminate in permaculture certification. “Foundations of Permaculture” will give students an understanding of the basic principles of permaculture before moving on to the next courses.

Tuition is $295. To register for the course visit https://training.unh.edu/foundationspermaculture or call (603) 862-7380. A bundle-discount is available for all three workshops.

NOTE: This workshop will be rescheduled to a TBD future date. Please inquire at professional.development@unh.edu for more information.