Digital Marketing Conference

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Digital Marketing Conference

DAY 1 AGENDA - Thursday, May 11

8:30am - 9:00am: Conference Registration & Breakfast
9:00am – 9:15am: Conference Welcome
9:15am – 10:15am: General Session
Building Authentic Relationships in a Digital Age
Jay Tandan, Assistant Global Activism Manager & Molly Baker, Global Digital Marketing Manager, Ben & Jerry’s

Since its founding, Ben & Jerry’s has forged strong relationships with their fans through grassroots activism and quirky flavor choices. With the digital ecosystem expanding so rapidly, Ben & Jerry’s has remained both relevant, and has scaled its impact on critical issues such as climate justice, marriage equality, and racial equity. By leveraging cutting edge digital marketing tactics, the company has engaged their audience and driven them to action - be it buying a pint, or supporting concrete action on issues they care about.


10:25am – 11:05am: Concurrent Sessions
7 Smart & Simple Content Marketing Strategies
Charlene DeCesare, CEO, Charlene Ignites

Today, most businesses have a website; many also have a blog as well as some kind of social media presence. Even if they don’t have all of those things, business leaders have an increasing awareness that they probably should. Still, given all of the other business priorities, digital content is sometimes tough for business leaders to get their arms around. Recent studies suggest that as many as 60% of companies don’t have a well-defined content marketing strategy. Still, in a world where “Content is King,” top leaders can’t afford to ignore the connection between their information brand and business performance. This workshop gets specific to Vistage member scenarios and filters through the flood of information out there. We will get to the ‘nitty gritty’ of what CEOs need to know to get their organization moving towards a high-ROI (and ROO) content strategy.

Couch to Frist Page: Your 2017 Local SEO Workout Plan
Marlana M. Trombley, Director of Marketing, FlowTraq 

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is different from an ordinary SEO campaign.  If you have a physical location or local clients, this session is for you!  You’ll gain practical, useful local SEO knowledge on how to position your business for maximum online visibility.  We’ll start by making sense of the latest Google updates and learn how to: Get your business to stand out in SERPs (Search Engine Page Rankings); Move the needle with NAP Consistency (name, address and phone number); and gain customer reviews, optimize citations and get local links.

11:15am – 12:00pm: Concurrent Sessions
Leveraging Video in Your Marketing
Jonah Silberg, Solutions Coach, Wistia

Well before the camera turns on, how can you create a comprehensive strategy to engage your audience with video? In this session, Jonah will offer insights on using video to humanize your brand and win opportunities. If you haven't had a chance to prioritize video in your efforts, not to worry. We'll cover tips and tricks designed to help anyone at any level of production capacity hit the ground running with video.

Blogging for Business Growth: Best Practices to Get Started
Joanne Randall, Co-Owner, Sprout for Business

Using a blog to collect thoughts and discuss activity in your company and industry is important, but how do you get more people to read it and what else can a blog do for you?  In this session, we will discuss how to use your new blog to drive business.  Topic covered will include best practices for optimization, ideas for content generation, and what to do with your blog once it is posted – Come with your questions and your laptop!

12:00pm - 1:00pm: Lunch
1:00pm – 2:00pm: General Session
Building a Digital Program Through Partnership with IT 
Caitlin Brensinger, Vice President of Digital Marketing & Chris Lavoie, Vice President of Information Systems,Planet Fitness

Oil and water don’t mix, dogs and cats fight, IT and Marketing just can’t get along. It’s a tale as old as time: Marketing has a vision, the IT team has another idea. But digital marketers rely on technology to build their brands. Learn about how Planet Fitness built a successful digital marketing practice from the ground up in 18 months through collaboration with the Information Systems team.


2:10pm – 2:50pm: Concurrent Sessions
Getting From ‘Like’ to ‘Buy’: How to Win with Social Media Ads
Melissa Albano-Davis, Founder & President, Grapevine Marketing

In this session, you'll learn the tricks used by pros to find the best audience for your brand on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  Learn how to build custom audiences that you can continue to improve and return to time and again.  Create remarketing campaigns that attract your most likely buyers and build relationships.  Entice prospects with engaging landing pages and automated marketing campaigns that are proven to convert.

7 Digital Marketing Trends That MUST Be On Your Radar
Kathy Sevigny, President, Altos
In 2017, edging out the competition and delivering high-value digital marketing means staying ahead of the curve on technology and strategy - and time spent playing catch-up will cost you. Join Altos for an example-packed session where we'll dive into today's most effective digital marketing trends, including how to boost your business profile with effective executive branding and influence marketing; how to deliver better content with visual marketing, automation, and artificial intelligence; how to conquer the balance between mobile and desktop; and more. We’ll dive into these and other cutting-edge trends and growth strategies so you can arm yourself with the latest content planning methodology and technology to move your customers through the journey faster, better, and wiser.

3:00pm – 4:00pm: General Session
The Role of Digital Integration Across Paid, Owned & Earned Media
Frank Hwang, Senior Manager, Digital Marketing & Paid Media, Timberland

As our world becomes increasingly digital and even more mobile, marketing is becoming less about channels and swim lanes and more about integration, collaboration and shared storytelling across platforms. Since the consumer doesn’t differentiate between channels, your marketing shouldn’t either. See how Timberland is able to create one cohesive campaign from many.

4:00pm - 5:30pm: Conference Reception

A chance to network with friend, colleagues, and conference speakers.  Light hors d'oeuvres and a cash bar will be available.


DAY 2 AGENDA - Friday, May 12

8:30am - 9:00am: Conference Registration & Continental Breakfast
9:00am – 9:15am: Conference Welcome
9:15am – 10:15am: General Session
Design is Your Customer Superpower
Rich Nadworny, Principal, Empatico

We talk a lot about the customer but in reality most people and companies often spend little to no time with the people they serve. In your roles, you have the opportunity to do so through a human-centered design approach, at little incremental cost. The opportunity, and the challenge, is to take that time to understand the lives of the people in front of you, and not just from a digital perspective. The business insight you can gain can make you and your firm invaluable to your clients.  This presentation touches on the importance of service design through a Human-Centered Design lens and shares tools and techniques to gain greater customer insight. This insight can be used to make digital products better and more relevant but it often leads to new business building opportunities or even business models.

10:25am – 11:05am: Concurrent Sessions
Developing an Integrated PPC & SEO Strategy
Brendan Flavin, Vice President & Director of Digital Strategy & Ben Adams, Director of Sales & Marketing, Swell Media

PPC and SEO are two digital marketing strategies that are often confused, misused, and misunderstood. We'll discuss the different scenarios for when one approach may be better suited than the other, and dispel some common misconceptions about each. Additionally, we'll explore how these channels can be used together to create an integrated search engine strategy that will help you reach the right visitors at the right time. This talk will include impactful tactics that can be applied at the local level, up to large lead generation and e-commerce campaigns.

Growth Driven Design: A Smarter Approach to Website Design
Fred & Stacey Schall, Co-Owners, Schall Creative

Growth Driven Design is a website design method built upon data based decisions and continuous improvement. Instead of designing and creating a website based on best practices, design trends, and personal preference, GDD is a method in which you launch fast, and continue to make improvements over time. These improvements are based upon the data you collect from your users with various UX research tools. In this presentation we’ll take you through a GDD process using a real example. We’ll discuss what we knew when we started, and what we learned after months of research and website changes.

11:15am – 12:00pm: Concurrent Sessions
Aligning Marketing and Sales in Your CRM
Kyle Jepson, Inbound Sales Professor, HubSpot

How well do your marketing and sales teams work together? If you're like a lot of businesses, the answer is probably "Not very well." But marketing and sales are really two parts of a single team: the team that generates revenue for your company. Alignment between these two groups is vital to the growth of any business. In this session, we'll talk about ways to rally marketing and sales around a unified set of goals and get them working together. We'll also discuss how to use a CRM system to make sure both teams are focused on those goals.

5 Ways to Really Succeed with Inbound Marketing
Linda Fanaras, President & Melissa Jean, Inbound Marketing Manager, Millennium Integrated Marketing

Inbound marketing is more than just engaging content, it’s about developing a strategy that is relevant to your buyers, engages them and has them coming back for more. We will show you how to move your prospect through the lead lifecycle of awareness building, engagement, lead nurturing and customer retention. Knowing who you are talking to (building personas), understanding the buying stages, defining your brand voice, writing authentic content and building on-page SEO will be a key factor to your inbound success. Combining that with a strong call-to-action, forms and usability will ensure you organization attracts and retainers loyal customers.  During this presentation you’ll learn why businesses should use inbound marketing to reach their consumers and drive qualified leads, use inbound strategies to enhance campaigns and improve your overall marketing plan.

12:00pm – 1:00pm: Lunch


1:00pm – 1:40pm: Concurrent Sessions
5 Ways Digital Marketers Must Evolve or Die
Chris Getman, Director of Digital Marketing, Vital Design

What got you here won’t get you there. Digital marketing strategies are evolving at lightning speed to keep up with new technological advances. Marketing tactics that might have changed the game five years ago, are no longer effective today, and no one knows what’s coming tomorrow. Learn five ways marketers need to evolve in order to stay competitive in an ever-changing digital environment.

Digital Brand Refresh
Jessica Kellogg, President, Rumbletree

A digital brand ‘refresh’ can be a crucial step in moving your brand forward and positioning your organization for future success. Your current brand system may be limiting or dated, carry negative connotations, or created to target an audience that is no longer relevant. More likely, some combination of many issues has built up over time. A brand refresh is your opportunity to assess what’s working and what isn’t. To start clean, with your current goals and audience in mind, and create something that is more true to your core. It’s also kind of fun.

1:50pm – 2:50pm: General Session
The Yankee Marketer: Frugal Tactics for Your Digital Marketing
Alec Newcomb, CEO, Indri

In this case study driven presentation we dive into tips and tricks to make your spend go further. No marketer ever has enough budget so what are concrete steps to maximize your dollars? Whether you're a large global advertisers or a small retail store owner there will be practical takeaways and the ugly details of failed campaigns from 600+ digital media campaigns.



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Digital Marketing Conference

Stay in Historic Downtown Portsmouth - Harbor Views and Local Charm Await!

Make the most of your trip to the New Hampshire Seacoast by spending the Digital Marketing Conference (or the whole week!) at the Sheraton Harborside Hotel in Portsmouth, NH. Conveniently located in historic downtown, shops, restaurants, breweries, museums, and recreational sites, are all within walking distance of your hotel room. 

DISCOUNTED OVERNIGHT GROUP RATE ENDED 4/21: Contact Michael Mengers (michael.mengers@unh.edu) for room overnight guest room availability. 

Sheraton Harborside Hotel
250 Market St., Portsmouth, NH 03801
(603) 431-2300

Conveniently located downtown, enjoy many of the great things to do in Portsmouth. From shopping, to dining, breweries, to museums there’s something for everyone. Outstanding service, cozy accommodations, and familiar comfort – Sheraton Portsmouth Harborside Hotel has it all.

From North
Take Exit 7 off I-95 (Downtown Portsmouth). Turn left off the exit and 1/2 mile ahead bear right at the blinking light. The hotel entrance is on the left.

From South
Take Exit 7 off I-95 (Downtown Portsmouth). Turn right off the exit and proceed for approximately 1/2 mile. Bear right at the blinking light and the hotel entrance is on the left.

Instructor Bios


Digital Marketing Conference

  • Jay Tandan

    Jay Tandan

    Jay holds a unique role in the corporate world. As an Activism Manager at Ben & Jerry's, he is responsible for building impactful and actionable activism campaigns which support the company’s progressive values. While many companies steer away from controversial issues, Jay is tasked with doing quite the opposite, leaning into key issues faced by our society and not only bringing the voice of business to the table, but creating engaging fan-facing campaigns that support grassroots activism.

  • Molly Baker

    Molly is the Global Digital Marketing Manager at Ben & Jerry's. She is responsible developing, planning, cascading and guiding digital marketing activations across Ben & Jerry’s 35 global markets. With Ben & Jerry’s being such a multi-dimensional brand, objectives can range from e-commerce sales, to increased brand love, to driving digital activism. Molly was previously a media buyer at 360i in NYC and is a big believer in the power of technology, data and analytics. 

  • Caitlin Brensinger

    Caitlin Brensinger

    Caitlin is the Vice President of Digital Marketing at Planet Fitness where she leads the digital media, marketing and social initiatives. Joining the brand in 2014, she was responsible for building the digital marketing team and practice with a focus on online member and prospect experience, digital communications, cross-device media, reputation management and online community engagement. Capitalizing on the brand’s momentum, she oversaw the launch digital media, search engine marketing, email and mobile programs. Under her leadership, online membership has increased steadily year-over-year. Bringing extensive experience in digital marketing, Caitlin joined Planet Fitness from Philips where in addition to her work on global healthcare marketing programs, she partnered closely with leadership to oversee the launch of new initiatives, aimed at making healthcare solutions more accessible. Prior to Philips, she worked at Microsoft, partnering with brands like Volkswagen, Toyota, Staples and LL Bean to develop revenue-generating paid search and display advertising campaigns. Her experience also includes working at Dentsu Aegis digital service agency, iProspect. Caitlin is a graduate of the University of Colorado. She currently resides in Stratham, NH where she likes to spend time outdoors with her husband, two children, and overly-pampered malamute.

  • Chris Lavoie

    Chris is Vice President of Information Systems at Planet Fitness where he is responsible for the management and development of all enterprise information systems, data and mobile. He oversees the strategic introduction and enhancement of technologies and systems, to support the ongoing and evolving business strategy and aggressive growth of the company.  Prior to Planet Fitness, Chris was the Director of Application Development & ERP at Enterasys Networks where he led ERP, CRM, Web, and Data development and system improvement. Throughout his career, Chris has established himself as a trusted advisor and strategic business partner for the customers, partners, and coworkers that he has supported.

  • Frank Hwang

    Frank Hwang

    Frank Hwang is Senior Manager, Digital Marketing & Paid Media at Timberland.  He focuses on bringing the brand and its products to life across the consumer journey. He has worked on Timberland’s Global Brand team, focused on high growth categories, influencer and content strategies via the global go-to-market process. Previously, he was the Global and North American Marketing Director for Cannondale Bicycles and ran the digital experience for Gillette while at Digitas. He is a regular speaker at Boston College as well as for SocialMedia.org. He’s a graduate of Bowdoin College as well as Boston College’s MBA program. Most importantly, he’s a dad and a husband, keeping up with his family on snow, surf and anywhere in-between.

  • Rich Nadworny

    Rich Nadworny

    Rich leads projects for business modeling, customer experience design and workshop training. He is the Principal at Empatico where his clients range from Fortune 500 companies to local Vermont non-profits. He is the Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Dartmouth College’s Dickey Center for International Understanding. His focus is on President Obama’s Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) teaching Mandela Fellows in the summer and East Africans in Nairobi, Kenya in the winter. He has built innovative digital marketing solutions for clients for almost 20 years. Previously he was a partner at one of northern New England’s largest ad agencies and ran his own digital strategy and marketing agency, Digalicious. In both places he led award-winning innovative digital work. He is a frequent commentator on Vermont Public Radio (VPR) an innovation columnist at the Burlington Free Press and an ongoing contributor at the Huffington Post. He has a B.A. from Dartmouth, an M.S. in New Media from Boston University. He studied design and innovation at the California College of Arts.

  • Alec Newcomb

    Alec Newcomb

    Alec Newcomb has spent 18 years in a variety of digital leadership roles, from running the early search engine, Lycos, to his current position as CEO of Indri. He has taught classes at the University of Vermont, Champlain College and various digital boot camps on marketing, data and analytics. He is a frequent industry speaker at Nielsen 360, ERA, Consumer Goods Forum, Internet Retailer and Mobile Marketing Forum.

  • Marlana M. Trombley

    Marlana Trombley

    Marlana M. Trombley is the Director of Marketing for FlowTraq in Manchester, NH and is an inbound marketing enthusiast with a pulse on the ever-changing industry from social media platforms to local search engine optimization (SEO) changes.  She previously worked as a Digital Marketing Strategist at Vital Design in Portsmouth, NH where she specialized in clients focused on local search engine optimization and lead generation campaigns that attract and convert targeted local traffic.  Marlana is also an Adjunct Marketing Professor at Lakes Region Community College and recently completed her time as the Constant Contact's Authorized Local Expert in Southern NH.

  • Charlene DeCesare

    Charlene DeCesare has been a trusted advisor to executives and companies around the world for more than two decades. As CEO of Charlene Ignites, LLC, she specializes in helping rapidly growing companies fine-tune their marketing strategy and accelerate sales. In the process, she helps leaders and teams overcome what’s really holding them back from achieving the extraordinary – both internally and externally.

  • Joanne Randall

    Joanne Randall

    Joanne is the Co-Owner of Srout for Business in Concord, NH.  She is a graduate from the Whittemore School of Business and Economics at the University of New Hampshire and has spent her career working in management and business. Her background includes management, sales, marketing, retail, human resources, and small business social media development. Joanne has over twenty-five years of experience in the marketing field, and she currently manages operations and training for Sprout.

  • Jonah Silberg

    Jonah Silberg is a big believer that video is the single most effective medium to communicate your message at scale. As an Account Executive at Wistia—a video marketing platform built for businesshe coaches companies big and small on leveraging video as a tool to generate leads and drive engagement. 

  • Melissa Albano-Davis

    Melissa Albano-Davis

    Melissa has been building successful marketing campaigns for local, regional, and national clients for more than 12 years. In 2009, she became the Founder of  Grapevine Marketing to fill a need in the market for a solution to one of the biggest issues facing most marketing departments: converting marketing and advertising activity into trackable sales opportunities, and reducing costs by focusing only on the high return-on-investment programs. She is certified by Google, Hubspot, and Constant Contact, and speaks on the topics of inbound marketing, social media, SEO, and email marketing to business and non-profit audiences. Melissa writes a monthly series for the New Hampshire Business Review on Inbound Marketing topics, is an active member of Tomorrow's Women Today in Boston, and a board member of the Entrepreneur's Fund of New Hampshire. 

  • Kathy Sevigny

    Kathy Sevigny

    Kathy is the President of Altos in Bedford, NH where she is responsible for leading key business initiatives to fuel the company's continued growth.  Born and raised in the Granite State, she has more than 20 years of marketing, communications and business development experience in corporate, retail and advertising agency environments. Kathy previously worked for Chicago-based General Growth Properties where she was responsible for creating and executing national marketing campaigns at 200+ shopping centers for Fortune 500 brands including Pepsi and Bank of America.  With 8 years of ad agency experience, Kathy has delivered award-winning marketing programs for a wide variety of clients but her greatest strength is combining traditional, digital and social marketing platforms to create powerful, productive and successful programs for clients.

  • Brendan Flavin

    Brendan Flavin

    ‎Brendan is the Vice President & Director of Digital Strategy at Swell Media where he oversees the strategy, implementation, and management of search engine marketing. For the past 10 years Brendan has been partnering with organizations to help optimize their business processes, the last five of which were spent guiding clients through the definition and management of their digital marketing efforts. His specialties include search engine marketing (PPC & SEO), inbound marketing, and marketing measurement and analytics.

    An avid runner and cyclist, Brendan spent the summer of 2014 riding his bicycle across the country from Anacortes, WA to Portsmouth, NH. When he’s not running or riding, Brendan is a regular at several of the local music venues here in Portsmouth. He is a devoted husband, dead head, phan.

  • Ben Adams

    Ben Adams

    Ben Adams is the Director of Sales & Marketing at Swell Media in Portsmouth, NH.  He offers a wealth of digital marketing expertise, from his early days working in SEO to leading Digital Marketing teams and Marketing Departments. His experiences include traversing the harrowing landscape of full scale e-commerce site launches for major brands, to guiding start-ups through the refinement of their web presence to drive the valuable leads required to grow a business.

    Outside of Swell Media, Ben enjoys all of the fantastic trails New Hampshire has to offer, running and hiking with his dog. He is also a data geek, which benefits both the team and our clients. Consider yourself warned, though - you never know how far down the rabbit hole of Fantasy Football stats Ben might take you.

  • Fred Schall

    Fred Schall

    Fred Schall started his love affair with web design and development in the late 90's. He has dual degrees in Computer Science and Web Development. He currently teaches Advanced Web Design and User Experience at Southern New Hampshire University. Fred worked for a few large agencies in Southern California, developing campaigns for large brands such as DirecTV, Petco, and Powerade. In 2009 he became the Co-Owner of  Schall Creative, moved the company to Manchester in 2010 and continues to thrive for his work every day.  He is

  • Stacey Schall

    Stacey Schall

    Upon graduating from Emerson College in 2007 with a degree in Visual and Media Arts, Stacey ventured to Los Angeles to start a career in media. She soon discovered her passion for communication, and put her talents to work writing content for brands. She joined the Schall Creative team in 2011 and now serves at Director of Inbound Marketing. Stacey is always consuming information, which means she can be a bit of a know-it-all at a dinner party. But she also has a talent for developing the perfect message for brands, and bringing great results through her content. In her spare time, she enjoys running, playing soccer and chasing her kids around. She also sits on the board of Girls at Work, Inc., a non-profit dedicated to empowering girls facing adversity.

  • Linda Fanaras

    Linda is the President at Millennium Integrated Marketing. She is a highly driven marketing strategist specializing in branding analysis, the development of integrated marketing plans, and the formulation of creative concepts for all phases of marketing. Her proficiency in transforming brands and messaging into powerful strategic campaigns has exceeded expectations for clients.

  • Melissa Jean

    Melissa Jean

    Melissa is the Inbound Marketing Manager at Millenium Integrated Marketing where she works closely with the creative and public relations department to ensure requested materials and content match the strategic branding of a variety of clients and industries. She leverages her skills in both digital and online media creation with traditional content production to execute a range of marketing collateral.

  • Kyle Jepson

    Kyle Jepson

    Kyle is the Sales Professor at HubSpot Academy. He teaches courses on CRM, sales, and Smarketing (sales and marketing alignment). He is currently in the process of interviewing business leaders from around the world to learn how 21st-century companies think about growth. In the coming months, he'll be combining these interviews together into an online course that provides clear strategies for growing revenue in the modern world. The presentation he's giving at the Digital Marketing Conference represents the early findings of this research project.

  • Chris Getman

    Chris works at Vital Design as their Director of Digital Marketing. He’s responsible for the strategy and execution of digital marketing tactics to help clients reach their goals.  Prior to Vital, Chris has worked as a digital marketing director for a tech startup company, a product marketer in a corporate marketing department, an account executive at a creative agency, and most notably, as a bagger at Market Basket grocery stores.  Chris graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a B.S. in Business Administration.

  • Jessica Kellogg

    Jessica is the President of Rumbletree.  She has a proven track record building brands and launching products for over 18 years. At Rumbletree, Jessica has a hands-on and team-based approach to developing marketing strategies at all levels. Developing integrated marketing solutions and branded experiences is her passion, along with creating meaningful strategic partnerships and delivering on an account service model of excellence. Rumbletree is an award-winning, creative-driven advertising agency located on the seacoast of New Hampshire.