Olivier Perot

Born in 1968 in a picturesque village near Mont Blanc in the French Alps, Olivier Pérot went on to study violin making at the school in Mirecourt, graduating in 1987. Upon completion of his military duty with the French Army, Monsieur Pérot secured a highly sought after position in the shop of the well known French master-luthier, Jean Schmitt, in Lyon. Under the tutelage of Jean Schmitt and Claude Macabrey, O. Pérot developed and honed his talent in restoration and retouching. His sophisticated skills were recognized in 1994 when he was appointed chef d’atelier at Wilder & Davis Luthier in Montreal and again in 2002 when he was granted membership to the International Society of Violin and Bow-makers (IELA). Since 2016 he has served as president of IELA.  

Since 1997, Maitre Pérot has operated his own violin shop in Montreal, successfully catering to the needs of a local and international clientele of string players. Maitre Pérot has continued the French tradition of apprentissage by training numerous aspiring luthiers in his shop. When M. Pérot is not at the bench, you might spot him touring on his bicycle or enjoying his favourite activity - mountain climbing.