Orchestra Repair Basics: DIY Instrument Repairs for Educators Tool List

Materials/Tools to have on hand for class:

- Violin  

- Bow (with horse hair)

- *Optional - bring a Glasser student-level bow also if possible

- Set of Student-level violin strings to fit your Violin (String Sets may be available for purchase in class)

- Towel for Violin to rest on while on the table/desk

- Mechanical #5 or #7 pencil

- 300mm flexible metal ruler 

- Small clean cloth/rag

- Bow rosin (any brand is fine)

- *Optional, but recommended; W.E.Hill Peg Compound ("peg dope")

- Notebook w/ blank, lined paper & pencil/pen

- Paper towels

- Rubbing Alcohol

- Water (for dilution purposes)

- Rosin Remover 


(Strings, ruler, rosin, etc. is available from many local music stores, online, or email all4stringssd@gmail.com with questions on where to look)