Pamela Oberg

Pamela Oberg, a native New Englander, landed in New Hampshire after exploring both NH and Vermont (by way of out-of-state tuition at UNH and UVM, respectively). She kicked off her professional career in high-tech as a proposal specialist, business operations manager, and relationship manager. Pamela later explored such diverse fields as education, health and beauty, and healthcare, developing and polishing her project management and training expertise. Now a well-established Portfolio Manager in the educational assessment field, Pamela’s current responsibilities include managing three state assessment programs, a team of project managers, and two operational improvement projects. In her position as Portfolio Manager, Pamela is able to combine her unique background in education and high-tech with her passions for leadership, training, and communication, in order to achieve both company and client goals.  When she isn’t managing people or projects at the office, she’s coaxing a teenager out of her bedroom or a spouse out of his workshop to eat, or writing mysteries; Pamela has published several short-fiction stories. 

Pamela Oberg - Measured Progress