Pennichuck Water Works Testimonial

Pennichuck Water Works

Pennichuck Water Works highly recommends the services of UNH Professional Development and Training. Over the past three years, our company has partnered with their team, supporting our efforts to enhance the capabilities of our staff in several key areas. This has included management development; coaching and mentoring; presentation skills and business writing. 

Their instructors are highly skilled and supportive of our efforts, with their willingness to customize their “off the shelf” programs to our needs, as we have opted to utilize their training programs on site at our own facilities. One of the other key benefits from using the UNH program is, if one of our employees misses an onsite training session, they can attend a similar program on an alternate date at one of the several UNH locations. This has allowed us to maintain momentum in our corporate wide training efforts without leaving individuals behind when they are unable to attend the program on a certain date.

And equally as important, their administrative staff have been both responsive and supportive in coordinating all of these efforts in support of our overall training programs and initiatives.