Permaculture Design Certificate

Permaculture design and principles are derived from the laws of nature at work and challenge human beings to live in innovative and creative ways. The practice of permaculture nurtures the earth and the natural processes of earth that ultimately provide clean air, water and food. These regenerative attributes of permaculture contribute to our livelihoods, our sense of place and the interconnectedness, beauty and abundance of all species. Permaculture practice increases our awareness of the necessity of living in harmony with nature while redefining individual definitions of ‘enough’ and exploring the benefits of a deeper sense of resiliency.

Permaculture provides solutions to complex sustainability problems, which are immediately applicable in rapidly changing, turbulent times. In this time of uncertain change and linear short-term thinking, mass culture sustainability efforts are not enough. Our informed choices require a complex problem solving as a whole person and whole group endeavor. Permaculture concepts move people from confusion and contested views of roles, responsibilities and realities to alignment around purpose, impact and responsibility. Solutions vary and more often are individual, site specific and embrace cultural variability.

Homesteaders, landscapers, natural resource managers & stewards, naturalists, master gardeners, farmers, members of Central NH and Seacoast Permaculture Meet-up Groups, foresters, and environmentalists will learn and grow from the experience of leading, local permaculture practictioners.

3 online courses are required to complete the PDC certificate program:

Each online course will be five weeks in length and require approximately eight hours a week of time to participate. Participation will be asynchronous with online weekly meetings and individual experiential activities. The courses must be taken in sequence. Participants may select to participate in Foundations or the Community courses independently without enrolling in the certificate program.

Cost: $295 per workshop, plus $50 administrative certification fee, if pursuing a design certificate. A discount is available if you register for all three courses at once.