UNH Professional Development & Training Academic Policies

Professional Development & Training is a department of Cooperative Extension at the University of New Hampshire. 

Calendar & Closures

Professional Development & Training programs do not adhere to UNH’s semester-based academic calendar since PD&T programs are offered throughout the year and can span multiple semesters or terms. PD&T program information can be found at training.unh.edu. PD&T adheres to UNH’s scheduled holidays and closures.  For a current list of UNH holidays and closures visit unh.edu/hr/holidays.

Enrollment Policies

Professional Development & Training programs are open enrollment, available to the public without academic or professional prerequisites, and do not involve a formal admission process. As space allows, enrollment is generally open until midnight, the day before a program is scheduled to take place. (The only exceptions are the UNH Coding Boot Camp and UNH Data Analytics Boot Camp, which require a more detailed application and admission process).


Student attendance is mandatory for all Professional Development & Training programs. If a student does not attend the required number of program sessions (as determined by the program instructor) a student may not receive credit for the program.


Refunds or transfers for students who are unable to meet attendance and participation requirements are handled on a case-by-case basis and can be filed with the Professional Development & Training registrar at (603) 862-7380. General refund and program cancellation policies are described below.

•           UNH Professional Development & Training issues refunds for workshops, less a $25 administrative fee, if written cancellation from the student is received at least five business days prior to the start of the PD&T workshop. Refunds for conferences are issued, less a $50 administrative fee, if written cancellation is received from the student at least 10 business days prior to the conference. Some conferences and institutes may have special refund policies, which are described on the conference website or in the conference brochure.

•           UNH Professional Development & Training reserves the right to cancel any courses due to insufficient enrollment at least three days prior to the first session. Cancellations due to issues beyond our control such as weather or instructor emergencies may also occur. PD&T makes every effort to notify participants by phone and/or email as soon as the decision has been made to cancel a course.

•           To check morning-of weather cancellation, call (603) 862-0000 and press 3 for noncredit. Or check WMUR-TV updates related to university closures.


USNH Noncredit Tuition Discounts for USNH Benefits-eligible Employees

If you are an eligible USNH employee, your tuition benefit will cover approximately 47% of the fee (the total tuition amount minus the cost of meals, handouts, and facilities) of UNH Professional Development & Training noncredit offerings. The benefit may exclude some special programs and/or online noncredit offerings*. UNH staff may also be  eligible to apply for the staff professional development grant.

If you wish to use your USNH tuition benefit towards one or more Professional Development & Training (PD&T) offerings, the process is as follows:

1) Log in to your WISE account to submit a request for the tuition benefit. Please do this the same day you register for the course. 

2) Register for the PD&T offering using this website and in the Apply a Discount field, enter "USNH". Your tuition will be automatically recalculated to include the employee discount. Continue checkout, paying the remainder due.

More information on completing your WISE form:

Be sure to select “Univ of NewHampshire-Noncredit” in the USNH Institution of Course field, and then select the “Semester/Term” for the course you will be registering for.

If approved, your request will be automatically routed from WISE and available to PD&T for processing.  If you indicated the course was during work hours, the request is routed to your supervisor and Human Resources for approval. If registering for multiple courses during work hours, please note you are required to submit a separate tuition benefit request for each course in WISE. Once approved, your request will be reflected in your WISE account and PD&T will be notified. If your tuition benefit request is not approved or you did not submit a request in WISE, your discount will be voided and you will be responsible for paying the full amount.

NOTE: Not all PD&T programs are eligible to be covered by USNH staff tuition waiver benefits.   Your registration is not finalized until the employee registration is paid and your tuition benefit request is approved. If you have questions, please call our office at 603-862-7380 or the HR office at your USNH institution.

UNH Alumni Discount

Members of the University of New Hampshire/Durham alumni community are eligible for a 10% discount off UNH Professional Development & Training workshops and conferences.*

Use the code "UNH-Alum" in the Apply a Discount field when registering online. Your registration will be finalized upon confirmation of alumni status. For questions about discount eligibility, call (603) 862-7380. 

USNH employees who are also UNH alumni may use one code - the tuition benefit discount OR the UNH alumni discount.

*Discount does not apply toward courses offered externally through vendor programs such as Coding Boot Camp, Ed2Go, CCI, Trilogy or VESI. 

Academic Progress

Professional Development & Training students are evaluated on a Complete/Incomplete basis. “Complete” criteria includes a student attendance for, and participation in, all aspects of the program. “Incomplete” criteria describes a student who does not attend, and or participate in, some or all aspects of the program.  Students who successfully complete a program will receive a letter of completion that is also archived by Professional Development & Training’s registrar. (The only exceptions are the UNH Coding Boot Camp and UNH Data Analytics Boot Camp, which in addition to having mandatory attendance and participation, also have periodic graded assessments and projects.)

Student Conduct

Students participating in any program organized by Professional Development & Training must abide by the University of New Hampshire’s Student Rights, Rules, and Responsibilities (unh.edu/student-life/student-rights-rules-responsibilities). Failure to abide by these guidelines will result in immediate removal from a program without the student receiving credit for participation, or receiving a refund.

Schedule of Fees

Enrollment, material, and certificate fees vary for all Professional Development & Training programs. For current program costs, reference the program course page on training.unh.edu or department catalog. All program prices listed include tuition, supplies, and fees, unless otherwise specified in the program description.

Prior Learning

Professional Development & Training does not grant credit or equivalency for any programs not administered by PD&T. Information about continuing education units is described on each program-specific webpage. CEUs are issued to PD&T open-enrollment students at no additional cost as long as they have completed the course requirements successfully.

Nondiscrimination Policy

All Professional Development & Training programs are held in accordance with the University’s Statement of Nondiscrimination which is as follows:

•           The University of New Hampshire seeks excellence through diversity among its administrators, faculty, staff and students.  We are committed to enhancing and sustaining an educational community that is inclusive and equitable, and cherish these values as being inextricably linked to our core mission.  We are a public institution with a long-standing commitment to equal employment and educational opportunity for all qualified persons.  We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, veteran status, or marital status.  This applies to admission to, access to, treatment within, or employment in UNH programs or activities.