Resources at My Fingertips: How UNH Professional Development Brought Ambitions to Life for Marketing Director Amanda Woods

Amanda Woods, Marketing Director and PD&T Student

Although I'm pretty comfortable with my abilities, having the opportunity to learn from experts to keep up with what's new and changing saves me time and provides valuable experience. 

 Amanda Woods, Marketing Director
Wiggly Bridge Distillery

As Marketing Director of Wiggly Bridge Distillery, Amanda Woods relies on the University of New Hampshire's Professional Development and Training (PD&T) to help modernize her digital marketing skillset. With constant advancements in technology and within her field, Amanda found that PD&T's Digital Marketing program helps enhance her knowledge to a greater potential. 

“I looked into taking courses through PD&T because I wanted to learn from a place that I knew was legitimate. You can find all kinds of courses offered online, but I believe the source of your information is extremely important too.” 

Amanda immediately noticed the dedicated energy and passion our instructors bring to our workshops, saying they, "brought back life into my ambitions." She also appreciated how PD&T courses are easily accessible, with options of online or in-person, and affordable for the everyday worker.  

“Oftentimes, we know what to do at our jobs. But portraying it in a cohesive plan, that coworkers can follow and execute, is a whole other realm that needs to be worked on.”  Through taking professional development courses, Amanda learned real-time tools she could immediately utilize in her position and in expanding her company.

I'm thankful to have PD&T’s resources at my fingertips to reinforce my skills. Not only do I benefit from the knowledge, but my company that we've worked so hard to build does as well.