Shahid Babar

Shahid currently serves as the Director, Campus Compliance-Andover in Small Business/Self-Employment (SBSE) Division where he is responsible for overseeing the daily campus operations of key functional areas including the Automated Collections System (ACS), Compliance Services Collection Operations (CSCO), and specialty areas such as Withholding Compliance, Trust Fund Recovery Penalty and Federal Agency Cases. He has responsibility for more than 800 employees located in four geographical locations (Andover, MA; Brookhaven, NY; Buffalo, NY; Detroit, MI). Shahid joined the service in 2001 as a revenue officer. He quickly rose through the ranks and entered management in 2007 followed by serving in key positions in Field Collection such as Area Policy Analyst, Sr. Technical Analyst and Management and Program Analyst from 2009 to 2012. Shahid’s leadership experience extends to serving in roles including Program Manager in Collection Policy overseeing the most significant changes to the Installment Agreement policy and program; Future State project leader for the On-line Payment Agreement (OPA) tool, enhancing and expanding its functionality and usage; Territory Manager in New York City and New England Territories providing leadership and direction for the Compliance and Collection activities. Shahid was an active member of the Collection Enterprise Risk Management team and served as a liaison for the North Atlantic Area. He also served as the Whistleblower Coordinator for the North Atlantic Area Collection monitoring and overseeing whistleblower claims and investigations. Shahid holds a Master of Arts degree in Experimental Psychology with concentration in Research & Methods from City University of NY. He lives in New Hampshire with his wife and three young, beautiful children.