UNH Professional Development and Training hosts online community development workshop

Friday, February 1, 2019

Professional Development and Training at the University of New Hampshire is hosting a new online workshop to teach students how to apply permaculture principles to social settings. “Social permaculture is a very beneficial course for activists, community leaders, and concerned community members,” said social permaculturist Traci Bisson who will be instructing this course.

Social Permaculture: The Art of Building Community & Relationships will run from March 18 through April 19. During the five-week online workshop, students will have an opportunity to choose a community project to work on for the duration of the course and share their work with fellow students at the end of the term.

The goal of the workshop is to teach students how to design social structures that favor human behavior, much like traditional permaculture which designs systems that are compatible with the existing natural environment rather than working against the laws of nature.

Bisson is an established entrepreneur and permaculturist. She combined her permaculture knowledge with her entrepreneurial skills and developed the concept of social permaculture to help businesses and communities be successful.

“My goal is for students to feel empowered,” said Bisson."One person really can make a difference.”

Bisson holds a Bachelor of Science from UNH and recently used her permaculture skills to help a local elementary school start a gardening program. She was also the chair of the Barrington Library Foundation and a Library Trustee. Her extensive background in community development and permaculture make her the ideal instructor for Social Permaculture: The Art of Building Communities and Relationships.

Course tuition is $295 for the five-week online term.  A bundle discount is available for students interested in taking all three online workshops leading to a Permaculture Certificate. For more information visit training.unh.edu/social-permaculture or call (603) 862-7380.