Executive Function and Self Regulation Skills

Executive Function and Self-Regulation Skills: What, Where, How, and Why?

This course will review what areas in the brain support Executive Function (EF), the array of self-regulation skills included under the EF umbrella, how we develop these skills along a human spectrum of more/less, and why these skills vary in importance under different contextual demands.  

Participants will learn how to observe and interpret observed student difficulties such as sequencing, planning, organizing, and emotional control and how these are part of EF. We will discuss problematic student behaviors in various school settings, and discuss creative solution generation to provide strength-based supports for students with EF skill challenges, as well as how to embed principles that create learner environments that are valuable for building stronger executive function skills for all students. 

*Please note: There may be brief overlap in content with this course and ADHD and Stress.

Instructor Bios


Executive Function and Self-Regulation Skills: What, Where, How, and Why?

  • Barbara Prudhomme White

    Barbara Prudhomme White, Ph.D., OTR/L, teaches “Stressed Out: The Science and Nature of Human Stress” in the Department of Occupational Therapy at UNH. She won the College of Health and Human Services teaching excellence award in 2008, and has been nominated twice for the UNH Brierly Award for excellence in teaching. Her research includes topics in behavior and emotion regulation; stress effects on human development; psychobiological measures & behavior; stimulant medication use and abuse; and ADD/ADHD assessment and intervention.

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