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We offer two different certificate programs: Coaching Children & Teens and Coaching Children & Teens with ADHD. Each certificate consists of three required workshops plus three elective workshops. The required workshops provide a basic foundation for coaching children and teens and the three electives for the Coaching Children & Teens with ADHD focus specifically on coaching children and teens with ADHD. 

Three Required Courses

Plus Three Electives


Featured Opportunity

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Collaborative and Proactive Solutions
with Dr. Ross W. Greene
March 24, 2017
Portsmouth, NH

This one-day conference features a presentation by Dr. Ross W. Greene, internationally known for his approach to understanding kids challenging behavior known as Collaborative and Proactive Solutions. This approach reduces challenging behavior, improves communication, and repairs relationships.

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Student Story

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Taking professional development opportunities through the UNH Professional Development and Training has been useful to me both personally and professionally for honing my job skills. It’s always an eye opener to refresh my mind, and I enjoy meeting other participants there who share their knowledge. Over the last five years, I have taken approximately twelve courses through this program and I will continue to take classes, while always anticipating connecting with what is new today or what may be new in the future.