Custom & On-Site Training
On-site or Durham, Portsmouth & Manchester

UNH Professional Development & Training offers customized training services to organizations throughout New Hampshire and the surrounding region. Our team works with you to assess your staff's competencies and strategic priorities to help you meet your organization's professional development needs. After creating a customized training plan, we execute the plan using live, hybrid, or online courses, and additional coaching as needed. We can deliver our custom offerings at your site, at one of our training sites, or schedule your staff to join existing open enrollment courses offered in Durham, Portsmouth or Manchester.

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Reclaim Your Health Through the Power of Nutrition
February 5 | Manchester

Are you tired of that afternoon slump? Feeling stuck, struggling to achieve your health goals and unsure why? Think your metabolism left you and has no plans of returning? Explore these questions and more as we delve into the foundations of good nutrition, understanding our metabolisms and how they really work, and recognizing the role of stress, hormones and inflammation in our overall health.

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