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Google Educator L1 Bootcamp

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Prove your proficiency using Google classroom tools while learning how to improve productivity, communication, and engagment among students. The Google Educator L1 Bootcamp includes activities that will prepare you for the Google Fundamentals Online Training and Certification Exam. You will learn about the Google Certification option, how to access the online training and exam accounts, as well as what to expect and how to prepare for the exam. The remainder of the workshop will consist of hands-on activities that bring the Level 1 training "to life" and give a solid base of skills to build upon and use right away.

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Google Educator L1 Bootcamp

  • Allison Mollica

    Allison Mollica has a background in both business and education with a M. Ed. (Technology in Education) and an Advanced Professional Certificate (Online Teaching) from Lesley University. Currently a Virtual Instructor at NH’s Virtual Learning Academy (a public 100% online school for grades 6-12), Allison has spent most of her 20 years in education helping teachers employ strategies using technology to create rich and engaging learning environments and finding happiness using technology in the classroom! Allison became passionate about the solutions Google Apps for Education offered within her own context, became a Google Certified Trainer & Educator in 2011, Administrator in 2013, and Innovator in 2014 holding all EDU Certifications through Google Edu. As US Director for Apps Events, Allison is highly active in working with schools and organizations worldwide in providing professional development. These partnerships support a 21st century learning environment featuring Google for Education with innovative and engaging strategies.

9:00am - 3:30pm
Manchester Campus, 88 Commercial St.
Allison Mollica
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