Identifying Late Season Grasses

Approved 6 CEHs for Wetland and Soil Scientists, 1.5 CEUs for Surveyors, and 6 CEUs for Foresters.
Also approved for 6 NHDES Subsurface Bureau credit hours.

This workshop will teach you the skills necessary to identify late-season grasses (Family Poeceae) occurring throughout our state. A combination of indoor and outdoor instruction will be used to familiarize you with this challenging group. Instruction will focus on understanding and recognizing the unique morphology of grasses, mastering much of the terminology of a technical key, and examining in detail local specimens, both in the classroom and in the field. Strategies and suggestions for identification within some of the more difficult members of these groups will also be discussed. All levels of expertise are encouraged to attend. Required text: "How to Identify Grasses and Grasslike Plants" by H.D. Harrington, Swallow Press, 1977 (ISBN-10: 0804007462; ISBN-13: 978-0804007467). The cost is approx. $13. The link to it on Amazon is:http://www.amazon.com/How-Identify-Grasses-Grasslike-Plants/dp/0804007462. You should also download the key from Robert R. Kowal's "Keyes to Asteraceae of Wisconsin" at http://www.botany.wies.edu/herbaium/AsteraceaeOfWIintroKeyAppendicesC_G.pdf. Please be sure to bring the two above resources and a hand lens to the workshop. All other supplies will be provided.

09:30am - 04:00pm
Portsmouth/Pease, Great Bay Community College
Leslie Adams