Motivating and Engaging Your Employees at UNH

Motivating and Engaging Your Employees

You’ve probably experienced how easy it is to give orders or instructions, but so much harder to get employees engaged and inspired to do their best work.  Pressures at work also seem to thwart leader’s efforts to create an environment where employees can grow and flourish in new ways.  The goal of this workshop is to learn and practice skills to help employees reach their full potential and view themselves as essential to the business.

Through interactive activities and discussion, you’ll learn to build your employees’ self-worth by demonstrating appropriate authenticity, vulnerability, serving others, giving respect, reducing fear and learning from mistakes.  You’ll also learn current theories in self-motivation and self-determination at work, much based off the research by Ed Deci and popularized by Daniel Pink in his best-selling book Drive.  You’ll explore concrete ways to foster that self-motivation by first deciding when and how to be “hands-off”—giving employees autonomy, and then when and how to be “hands-on”—giving appropriate support.  

Employees will flourish when you as a leader apply these concepts back at work contributing to improved team dynamics as well as creativity and performance.   You will receive a copy of the book Paradoxes of Leadership by Charles Edmunson, Janet’s late husband, as part of the workshop, where these leadership principles are articulated using 14 paradoxes. 

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