Lead Like a Woman: Intentional Career Planning for Quality of Life at UNH

Lead Like a Woman: Intentional Career Planning for Quality of Life

Intentional. Holistic. Humane. Adaptive. These are the adjectives that best describe a feminine approach to personal career planning.  It incorporates a world view that seeks to integrate (rather than separate) work and family priorities, and places control for career advancement firmly in the hands of the individual.  Within this context, career control includes issues of timing, direction, awareness of personal worth, creative expression, and opportunity.

This is a workshop designed for women, by women, to give you the confidence and skills necessary to advance in work settings reflective of today’s “new normal”: reactive, frequently understaffed, and highly dependent on the talent readiness of its workforce. We therefore provide the kind of career strategies that reflect this workplace reality and demonstrate ways to make it work for you.  We also explore career issues unique to women professionals, such as pay disparity and promotional limitations, and offer “winnable” approaches for confronting gender career barriers. You will leave with a plan-in-place to accelerate your professional growth, as well as tried and tested tools necessary for executing your career plan. 

Come to this seminar prepared to ponder the following issues, which could make a tremendous difference in the quality of your life. What If….

  • Today’s’ highly volatile work environment creates ideal conditions for career advancement?
  • You become clear about innate needs and career motivators previously hidden from sight?
  • You learn the difference between “real” vs “apparent” life choices, and knowing this difference provides the direction you need to move forward?
  • You are comfortable in conducting difficult conversations about your career, such as asking for a raise, asking for a transfer, or saying “no” to a request that limits your potential?
  • The strategies you execute from taking this course yield exactly what you want?

You need to be here if:

  1. You desire a two-day retreat specifically for you, not your organization, for mindful self-reflection.
  2. You want to invest in the kind of work assignments that increase visibility, develop portable skills, and modify your thinking about work from a reactive to a creative orientation.
  3. You are ready to shift from reliance on “luck” to drive your career, to reliance on intentional, self-directed, results-oriented thinking and action.
  4. You would benefit from taking a personal assessment that provides clarity around right career fit and right career focus.
  5. You embrace self-determination and individual choice as personal values, and genuinely want to advance in your career.

Please note: This is a foundational course, designed for early to mid-career women who have never been properly coached on self-directed career management competencies and strategies.  It does not cover topics suitable for late career professionals contemplating retirement or individuals experiencing lay-offs.

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Lead Like a Woman: Intentional Career Planning for Quality of Life

  • Vaughan Limbrick

    Vaughan Limbrick

    Vaughan brings 30 years of human capital management, leadership training, and executive coaching experience to PDT&T. Over the years, Vaughan developed a consulting niche advancing the career aspirations of female scientists, engineers, and academic deans - all high performing contributors at major career/life transitions, all in need of reflective time out to recommit and reexamine past career choices, and chart deeper and often different paths for professional growth. As an organizational consultant, Vaughan has been in the forefront of strategic workforce planning initiatives, such as competency-based career development, career path development, outplacement, talent retention, and succession planning.  She taught these subjects at the graduate level for Johns Hopkins University and Marymount University in Washington DC, and implemented various human capital initiatives within the financial industry, Healthcare, Academia, Manufacturing and large federal agencies such as the U.S. Navy, EPA, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, and U.S. Marine Corps. Vaughan holds a Master of Science degree in Applied Behavioral Science from Johns Hopkins University and is a certified Human Capital Strategist as well as a trained AAUW (American Association of University Women) Salary Negotiator. She is an active member of the National Career Development Association, and also teaches the Adaptive Leadership for Women course for the University of New Hampshire.

09:00am - 04:30pm
09:00am - 04:30pm
Browne Center
Vaughan Limbrick
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