Be Your Best Paraeducator

Be Your Best Paraeducator

Engage in a day of open dialogue and problem-solving to deepen and strengthen your practice as a paraeducator.

This workshop is designed for paraeducators and will focus on examining the role of paraeducators in special education. Participants will engage in interactive discussions about improving communication with classroom teachers and support staff. The course will cover the collection and utilization of educational and behavioral data for interventions, along with strategies to foster academic, social, and emotional growth in students.

Learning Objectives:

  • Reframing the role, purpose, and value of paraeducators as part of the student support system and team
  • Empowering advocacy for their students as well as their role
  • Encouraging, teaching, and practicing professional assertive communication
  • Understanding support and accommodations and how to use daily/weekly data

*This course was previously titled "Reframing the Role of the Paraeducator."

Instructor Bios


Be Your Best Paraeducator

  • Jessica Golden-Harrington

    My name is Jessica Golden-Harrington and I am a certified School Counseling Director and Special Educator. My years as a student at UNH solidified my desire to be a lifelong learner.

    I started my career as a paraeducator in a traditional public school and have worked as a counselor, special educator, and school administrator in a variety of settings including public schools, private therapeutic day schools, and Chartered Public Schools. I am the former Assistant Director and Head of Counseling at Academy for Science and Design Chartered Public School. Currently, I have started my own professional adventure launching Golden Education Consulting & Training. 

    I believe that student success starts and grows from a place of empathy, compassion, and care.

09:00am - 03:30pm
Manchester, NH
Jessica Golden-Harrington
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