UNH Project Management Conference at UNH

2018 Project Management Conference

Keeping up with the latest tools, trends, and strategies is essential for project management professionals to lead effectively and efficiently. Continue to develop the critical technical skills you need to succeed in today's workplace at the annual UNH Project Management Conference.

Whether you are new to a project or a veteran project leader, this conference will provide value to any manager, stakeholder or team member, regardless of industry or area of expertise. Consisting of multiple presentations from industry experts, this event will give you the confidence and energy to perform better in your role on any project team.

Confirmed Conference Speakers Include:

  • Jennifer Lentz, MBA, PMP | Director, US Consumer Market Claims | Liberty Mutual
  • Steve Lundquist, PMP, M.Sc. | Senior Manager of Program Management | Elbit Systems of America
  • Kathleen Koson, PMP | Senior Project Manager | HighLiner Foods
  • Pamela Oberg, PMP | Portfolio Manager | Measured Progress
  • Jake Goldsmith | Director | Measured Progress
  • John P. Tansey, MBA, PMP | Principal PMP | PM Partnership
  • Dagmar Vlahos, Lean Black Belt | Senior Process Engineer | UNH Project Management Office
  • George Cookman, MBA, PMP | Senior Consultant | Lean East

Enrollment fee includes admission to the conference, relevant conference materials, on-site parking, breakfast, and lunch.

Register by May 25 and Save - Cost is $349 if registered by May 25, $379 after May 25

What You Will Learn


2018 Project Management Conference

2018 UNH Digital Marketing Conference Agenda

Registration & Breakfast

Welcome to the 2018 UNH Project Management Conference

Developing Your Leadership Soft Skills
Steve Lundquist, PMP, M.Sc., Senior Manager of Program Management, Elbit Systems of America
Soft skills are the often overlooked attributes that comprise ever great leader.  Rarely do we spend time developing these important traits such as listing, critical thinking, giving feedback, and time management, but they represent the critical backbone required of every project manager.  Learn how you can lead more effectively and efficiently by focusing on improving your soft skills in a practical environment.

The Integration of Creativity & Innovation in Project Management in Business
Kathleen Koson, PMP, Senior Project Manager, HighLiner Foods
Innovation and creativity have long been seen as the enemy when it comes to project managers streamlining processes, but it doesn't have to be that way.  Explore the challenges of managing projects that welcome innovation and learn different strategies for dealing with change.

PM Without PMO: Defining and Implementing Project Management Practices – without a Project Management Office
Pamela Oberg, PMP, Portfolio Manager, Measured Progress & Jake Goldsmith, Assistant Director, Measured Progress
What happens when an organization would benefit from implementing consistent project management practices, but lacks a centralized project management office to provide guidance, direction, or oversight? How can a single functional group develop approaches that the larger organization will adopt? During this session, participants will learn how Measured Progress utilized a broad range of approaches -- including work groups, distributed responsibilities, and cross-functional participation – to design a road map for practice definition and adoption. This multi-faceted plan allowed Measured Progress to create company-wide interest in and support for the development and implementation of consistent, key project management practices during phase one of a much larger initiative – and without a PMO.

Lunch at Holloway Commons Dining Hall
Creating Sustainable Value in a Values-Driven Organization
Dagmar Vlahos, Lean Black Belt, Senior Process Engineer, UNH Project Management Office & George Cookman, MBA, PMP, Senior Consultant, Lean East
Just because you successfully completed the project deliverables, does not guarantee a return on the investment in the project itself.  This presentation will focus on the connection between organizational strategy, and the project outcomes that can be tied to that strategy, as well as sustainably maintaining  ongoing results long after the project is completed. 
Make Room for Empathy on Your Project Team
John P. Tansey, MBA, PMP, Principal PMP, PM Partnership
Empathy often escapes us as Project Managers when driving execution under the pressures of Schedule, Cost, or Quality. Although Empathy is an emotion (albeit, a very important one) it is possible to structure your project teams as such. The PMBOK Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM, RACI, or ARCI) is a helpful tool to establish responsibilities of the role throughout the project lifecycle. The Meyer's Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is additionally helpful when layered over the RAM to understand one's natural disposition versus the responsibilities of the role. This interactive lecture, including Q&A, will shallow-dive into the RAM and MBTI tools.
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Jennifer Lentz, MBA, PMP, Director, US Consumer Market Claims, Liberty Mutual
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Travel & Site Information


2018 Project Management Conference

The 2018 Project Management Conference will take place in the Piscataqua Room in Holloway Commons (75 Main Street, Durham, NH) on the University of New Hampshire.

Free parking will be available for all conference attendees in the UNH Campus Crossings Visitor Lot.  Those registered will recieve additional information on the location and parking by email one week prior to the conference.

Breakfast and lunch will be provided at the conference and is included in the cost of enrollment.

Instructor Bios


2018 Project Management Conference

  • George Cookman - UNH - Lean East

    Geroge Cookman

    George is a Senior Consultant with Lean East certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP) and a Lean Black Belt. He believes effective project managers must provide a working environment whereby team members go home at the end of the day with a sense of self-worth and accomplishment. George has led complex projects or trained project management principles for over 20 years in technology, education and consulting organizations and previously held roles in sales, programming and systems development. He is especially experienced at leading complex new software implementations.  George first learned about Lean and tools for continuous improvement over 40 years ago and loves Lean because it gives people without a voice a chance to speak up and improve their job. George has a BA in Economics from Boston University and an MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management.

  • Jake Goldsmith | Measured Progress

    Jake Goldsmith

    Jake Goldsmith graduated with a BS in Business Administration from Bryant University in 1997. He spent two years in the Peace Corps teaching business principles to local communities in Honduras. Since 2001, he has worked in the education industry focusing on PMI/PMP best practice, large scale assessment, and technology. He is currently the Director of Client Services for Measured Progress, overseeing a diverse portfolio of state testing programs

  • Kathleen Koson - High Liner Foods

    Kathleen Koson

    Kathleen is a certified PMP who has spent ten years implementing business & sales solutions in large and mid-sized CPG companies. She’s spent much of her career as a leader in B2B eCommerce and as a liaison between Business & IT teams. As a corporate Change Agent she’s helped to shepherd teams through successful business transformation. Kathleen’s favorite thing about project work is the relentless collaboration. She believes that working with people across an organization to solve problems, to innovate products & processes and to build strong partnerships is what Project Management is all about. Kathleen loves meetings and is dedicated to proving every day that the “I love meetings!” club deserves more members.

  • Steve Lundquist

    Steve Lundquist is a retired Air Force officer and pilot that currently works for Kollsman, Inc., an Elbit Systems of America subsidiary.  In his role as a program manager at Kollsman, he works on payloads and sensor systems for integration with unmanned systems.  Kollsman is also responsible for numerous aviation subsystems on all air vehicles to include unmanned systems.  Steve recently transitioned to the Program Management Office at Elbit Systems of America, where he is overseeing the professional development of all ESA PMs, aligning corporate documentation to meet PMI and DAU standards, and implementing best practices and lessons learned.

  • Pamela Oberg - Measured Progress

    Pamela Oberg

    Pamela Oberg, a native New Englander, landed in New Hampshire after exploring both NH and Vermont (by way of out-of-state tuition at UNH and UVM, respectively). She kicked off her professional career in high-tech as a proposal specialist, business operations manager, and relationship manager. Pamela later explored such diverse fields as education, health and beauty, and healthcare, developing and polishing her project management and training expertise. Now a well-established Portfolio Manager in the educational assessment field, Pamela’s current responsibilities include managing three state assessment programs, a team of project managers, and two operational improvement projects. In her position as Portfolio Manager, Pamela is able to combine her unique background in education and high-tech with her passions for leadership, training, and communication, in order to achieve both company and client goals.  When she isn’t managing people or projects at the office, she’s coaxing a teenager out of her bedroom or a spouse out of his workshop to eat, or writing mysteries; Pamela has published several short-fiction stories. 

  • John P. Tansey

    John P. Tansey has a history of guiding technical companies through compliance risk and/or commercial challenges. His Project Leadership approach (to Project Management) was developed after years of delivering strategic initiatives in the most highly regulated industries ranging from $30M Global Programs to $3M Small Businesses; including grenade launchers, aircraft parts, and medical device. John now helps companies control Cost, Quality, and Schedule through the PM Partnership; an outsourced Project Management business for companies who don't retain that expertise in-house. John holds a BSME from UNH in 2004, and an MBA from UNH in 2009; In 2008 he was a Holloway semi-finalist. Additional certifications include Six Sigma Black Belt, PMP, and Spanish Bi-lingual.

  • Dagmar  Vlahos - UNH IT PMO

    Dagmar Vlahos

    Dagmar is a Six Sigma Black Belt and a Lean Black Belt; receiving her Six Sigma Black Belt training from Fidelity Investments focusing on operational excellence and customer quality.  She continued her Lean training with the State of New Hampshire and in 2015 she received her Lean Black Belt through the State of NH Bureau of Education.  Dagmar is a member of the Lean Executive Committee (LEC) at the State of NH, participates in the State of NH Lean Network and in partnership with the State of NH organized NH Lean Summit at UNH.  She has expertise in Full Project Life Cycle Methodologies, Workflow analysis / process reengineering, Continuous Improvement of Operational Processes including building/optimizing organizational processes, measurement systems, and infrastructure.  Currently a Senior Process Engineer with the UNH Project Management Office,  Dagmar’s experience includes over 15 years of various project management, analyst and management roles. 

8:30am - 4:00pm
Durham Campus--Holloway Center, Squamscott Room
Geroge Cookman
Jake Goldsmith
Kathleen Koson
Steve Lundquist
Pamela Oberg
John P. Tansey
Dagmar Vlahos
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