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Enhance Your Skill Set With a UNH Technology Boot Camp


UNH Boot Camps will prepare you to enter the tech industry by providing hands-on training to master in-demand skills. By offering competitive curricula, flexible learning options, and knowledgeable instructors, we’ll help you pave your way toward career success.

Our programs offer a part-time schedule so you can stay on top of your current commitments while you learn. You’ll also benefit from a wide range of career services, as well as support from advisors and mentors throughout your boot camp experience.

AI Boot Camp

Artificial Intelligence Boot Camp

Unlock the transformative power of artificial intelligence for your organization with the University of New Hampshire Professional Development & Training (UNH) in as few as 8 weeks.
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UNH software development boot camp student New Hampshire

Software Development Boot Camp

UNH Software Development Boot Camp teaches you the skills you need to become a successful web developer. Gain proficiency in the theory and application of web development, and complete challenging full stack coding projects to add to your portfolio so you can stand out to employers.

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UNH cybersecurity student New Hampshire

Cybersecurity Boot Camp

UNH Cybersecurity Boot Camp is a rigorous part-time program that trains you in modern information security practices. You will also learn methods, techniques, and best practices for accurately conveying the severity of the risks facing an organization’s security posture.

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Benefits of a Tech Boot Camp

Pursuing a tech boot camp can be a great way to start or advance your career — even if you’re brand new to the tech industry. UNH Boot Camps provide students with comprehensive curricula taught by experienced instructors who have worked in the coding, cybersecurity, or UI/UX fields, bringing personal insight and expertise to the classroom.

  • No previous experience or prerequisites are required to enroll
  • Program can be completed between 24 weeks and 9 months*
  • All workshop work can be completed online
  • Fit your education around your existing life commitments
  • Prepare for a new career with support from Career Coaches

*completion time depends on program*

How to Apply to a Boot Camp

Interested in enrolling in a boot camp? Connect with a member of our admissions team to start your application and get any questions answered.

What Boot Camp Graduates Are Saying

There’s a potential to change your view on how you learn — and open up so many different points of view.

Scott S.


I went into the program expecting to learn how to code. And I did — but every day, I go into class knowing that a) I’m going to learn something new today and it’s going to be pertinent to what I’ve been learning all year, and b) it’s going to be pertinent to what I plan to do for my job.

Zachary R.

People want to be developers, but they don’t know where to go, so I tell them this program is really helpful, even if you’re starting from scratch.

Anitharaj (Anitha) S.

The whole learning experience was great. Immersing yourself in a different world and forming a small community — I enjoyed all of it.

Mike B.

Frequently Asked Questions

A boot camp is an intensive training program for a specialized field of study, usually in technology or business, that teaches students through hands-on learning. They are typically less expensive and shorter than an average degree program, and will often include additional career services to help graduates become competitive candidates in the job search.

UNH Coding Boot Camp and Cybersecurity Boot Camp can be completed in 24 weeks, or about six months. The UI/UX Boot Camp can be completed in nine months. The Data Analytics Boot Camp and Cloud Systems Administration Boot Camp can be completed in five months.

Boot camps offer a flexible, practical approach to developing your abilities. Unlike a degree program, a boot camp is much more specialized, usually concentrating on a specific skill in a short timeframe. If you are looking to change careers, or want to quickly learn new skills to enhance your current role, a boot camp is a great option for you.

Boot camps provide students with a structured learning environment and market-driven curriculum to gain the skills needed for a career change or advancement. Through the support of instructional staff and career coaches, students are able to position themselves competitively in the marketplace. That being said, you’ll get out of a boot camp whatever you put into it, so consistency and dedication to your program are key components to success.

No college experience is required to apply for and enroll in a boot camp. In fact, boot camps are popular educational options for individuals with little to no technical experience. Students will start learning from scratch, making boot camps a great option for individuals interested in tech who come from unrelated backgrounds.