Responding to Concerning Behavior in Classrooms


Strategies to Address Both Learning and Survival Brain Functioning in Children and Adolescents

In this workshop, participants will learn evidenced-based classroom strategies for responding to concerning behavior in children and adolescents. These strategies will be organized to address student’s escalating behavior when they are in survival brain, driven by the limbic system and irrational thinking and unable to process information effectively as well as in learning brain when self-control and rationale thinking can be supported.

Participants will be given practical examples and materials and have opportunities to practice designing and using the strategies to address student needs at different stages of an escalating incident.

Instructor Bios


Responding to Concerning Behavior in Classrooms

  • Howard S. Muscott, Ed.D.

    Howard Muscott is director of the New Hampshire Center for Effective Behavioral Interventions and Support (NH-CEBIS), a statewide technical assistance and training network aimed at promoting positive and preventive school discipline systems and improving the emotional well-being of all children including those with emotional/behavioral disorders.

    Howard has 40 years of experience in education ranging from preschool through high school and higher education.  He has been a special education teacher and principal of three different schools for students with disabilities. In 2008, he retired as professor of education from Rivier College where he directed the Undergraduate Special Education program and the graduate program in Emotional and Behavioral Disorders for 15 years. 

     Dr. Muscott is nationally known for his work and publications in the fields of schoolwide discipline, positive behavior supports, educating students with emotional/behavioral disorders and service-learning. A frequent keynote speaker and consultant to schools, he has delivered more than 400 presentations to educators and families in New Hampshire, across the country and internationally.

    Dr. Muscott has been honored with numerous professional awards within NH and nationally including the National Lifetime Leadership Award from the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC). The national Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders (CCBD) honored his leadership by creating a national service award in his name.

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