The ABCs of Managing an Effective Volunteer Program

Course Overview: 

This course will introduce all the components of an effective Volunteer Management program from Recruitment, Screening, Training and Orientation, Support and Recognition, to Policies and risk management. We will learn how and when volunteers are great to use, and when not to. We will learn how to value volunteer time to help your bottom line, as well as how to recognize all the hidden costs of managing volunteers. Hint: They aren’t free! We will also discuss how volunteers can become great advocates and donors for your organization as champions of your mission. The intended audience for this course is a paid staff member of a nonprofit with some supervisory experience. We will be discussing developing a robust volunteer program, not just the management of a handful of people.

Learning Objectives 

1. We will update old-fashioned concepts about who a volunteer is and what they can do for you

2. We will learn how to set realistic tasks and clear roles for volunteers to manage expectations and deliver value to you and them

3. We will learn the risks of a badly run volunteer program and best policies to have in place

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The ABCs of Managing an Effective Volunteer Program

  • Mary Ellen Burke Headshot

    Maryellen Burke, Ph.D.

    Maryellen Burke, Ph.D. Maryellen worked for ten years at the NH Charitable Foundation, primarily as a grant maker responsible for grant portfolios in a broad area of subjects. She has successfully written grants to support multiple millions of dollars for nonprofits in New England. More can be found at her website for her consulting business: http://maryellenburke.com/

09:00am - 03:30pm
Portsmouth - 230 Commerce Way
Maryellen Burke
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