Advanced AI for Marketing

Do you need a hands-on day practicing how to use AI on your 2024 Marketing challenges?

This workshop builds on the foundational knowledge acquired in "Marketing AI: The Future of Digital Marketing," delving deeper into the dynamic world of AI-powered marketing strategies. It’s the perfect upskill opportunity for marketers who need a day of practice using the ChatGPT API, to transform their 2024 marketing. 

The UNH Advanced AI Workshop is an immersive, hands-on experience. Participants will engage with real-world Marketing AI case studies, enabling them to understand AI's practical implications in marketing with no coding. Interactive sessions and live demonstrations offer a unique opportunity to see AI tools in action. A small group format ensures that you're not just learning concepts but also acquiring skills that can be immediately applied to your marketing challenges.

This course will:

  • Guide through the selection and utilization of the right AI tools for your marketing needs
  • Master how to integrate advanced AI into existing marketing workflows.
  • Teach you how to transform text data at scale
By the end of this course, participants will have gained the knowledge to:
  • Significantly reduce the time spent on repetitive marketing tasks. A prior participant did three months of manual content work for their website in an afternoon!
  • Get a hands-on understanding of what is the right tool and approach for your AI problem.
  • Learn to split complex tasks into subtasks using multistage prompts.
  • Apply advanced marketing AI across a range of tasks (Analysis, Content, SEO, Ads, Social Media) to automate work at scale

 Plus, receive practical guidance from Alec throughout as he takes you through exercises that will help build confidence and practical knowledge with the ChatGPT API that you can use immediately. 

Get Hands-on experience with:

  • Advanced AI for SEO using ChatGPT scripts for Google Sheets 
  • Advanced AI for Content with tools like Cuppa.sh and Koala.sh where A student took their content costs from $100 an Article to 14 Cents with the API.
  • Write 100’s of Ads for Google AdWords or Meta by dragging and dropping in Google Sheets
  • Add hundreds of emojis and images for ads and content using a spreadsheet
With practical examples from a diverse range of industries, this hybrid program gives marketing managers and leaders the opportunity to gain advanced AI skills. By attending, you'll gain a competitive edge in an industry that's rapidly evolving. The knowledge and skills you acquire here will help you drive more effective, data-driven marketing strategies, ensuring your organization or clients stay ahead of the curve. This workshop isn't just an investment in your professional development; it's an investment in the future of your marketing career.


Instructor Bios


Advanced AI for Marketing

  • Alec Newcomb

    Alec Newcomb brings 18+ years of digital marketing experience and has helped companies do over 1 billion in CPG ecommerce sales for Unileiver, P&G, Kellogg’s, SC Johnson, McCormick, Kraft, Nestle, Coke-Cola, GSK, KraftHeinz. He has taught classes at the University of Vermont, University of New Hampshire, Champlain College and various digital boot camps on marketing, ecommerce, and analytics. He is a frequent industry speaker at Nielsen events, ERA, Consumer Goods Forum, Internet Retailer and Mobile Marketing Forum.

09:00am - 03:30pm
Manchester GSC - Hybrid (in-person or live online)
Alec Newcomb
289.00 Workshop Fee
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