Balancing Workplace Priorities and Demands

Balancing Workplace Priorities and Demands

At some point or another we have all felt overwhelmed by the number of tasks, commitments, and projects we have. We can’t effectively set priorities given all we have to do and the numerous interruptions throughout our day. At day’s end we feel exhausted and question whether we have accomplished anything.

When we learn how to effectively manage our time, we are better able to get more work done in less time and more efficiently. We don’t feel overwhelmed and feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of each day.

In this session, participants will learn a number of best practices and techniques to manage their time to increase productivity, problem solve without getting derailed, and collaborate more effectively with teams to accomplish goals.

Topics covered in this workshop include:

  • Problem solving without being derailed
  • Tools and techniques for effective time management
  • Improving personal productivity practices
  • Managing distractions
  • Maximizing teamwork and work group productivity



Instructor Bios


Balancing Workplace Priorities and Demands

  • Gina Abudi

    Gina Abudi

    Gina Abudi, MBA has 30+ years’ of experience providing consulting services and training to global organizations with a focus on projects, processes and their people. Gina is President of Abudi Consulting Group, LLC, and an adjunct faculty member at Granite State College (NH) teaching in both the Masters of Science in Project Management and Masters of Science in Leadership graduate degree programs. Gina frequently works with project teams, leadership groups and executives to facilitate complex meetings, brainstorming sessions and strategic planning sessions. Gina is the lead author of Best Practices for Managing BPI Projects: Six Steps to Success (J Ross Publishing, 2015) and author of Implementing Positive Organizational Change: A Strategic Project Management Approach (J Ross Publishing, 2017.) Gina is working on her next series of books focused on providing support and guidance to leaders. Gina received her MBA from Simmons Graduate School of Management.    

09:00am - 03:30pm
Live Online (USA Eastern Time)
Gina Abudi
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