Bow Rehairing

The most frequent repair needed by string players is the rehairing of the bow. Learning this essential skill will benefit the student who is interested in building a shop of their own or who wish to develop skills that will make them valuable to an existing professional shop. Shop owners can send employees for refinement of skills or send beginners to develop these skills that are so important to the success of all violin shops.

This workshop consists of a week of intensive study. Ample time will be allotted for hands-on experience, questions, and practice on multiple bows. A solid foundation in rehairing will greatly enhance the students' experience in continuing studies in bow repair and bow making classes.

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Instructor Bios


Bow Rehairing

  • Lynn Armour Hannings

    While in High School, Lynn studied bow rehairing with John Roskoski of Wurlitzer, New York. Attending New England Conservatory as a bassist, she began her bow restoration and bow making studies with William Salchow, focusing on cello bows. In 1982, Ms. Hannings was awarded a Certificate for Eminent Playability for a Cello bow by the Violin Society of America. After private instruction both in NY and at the UNH Violin Craftsmanship Institute, Lynn became Mr. Salchow’s teaching assistant at the Institute for ten years before taking over classes upon his retirement.

    She received her degree of Journeyman from the American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers in 1984 and was elected to membership in 1985.  In 1989, Ms. Hannings was granted both a Fulbright Scholarship and an Annette Kade Fellowship for the Advanced Study of the French School of Bowmaking in Paris, France with Bernard Millant. Lynn became a member of the Entente Internationale des Maitres Luthiers et Archetiers d’Art in 2000. In 2011, she received the International Society of Bassists Special Recognition Award for lutherie. Ms. Hannings has studied musician’s injuries and received a degree from the University of New England to better serve her clientele. As a conservatory trained musician, performer, trained bowmaker and restorer, she has both the perspective and expertise to work with individual musicians from around the world to meet their unique playing requirements.

    At the UNH Violin Craftmanship Institute, the focus in bow classes is on training students in time honored methods in an atmosphere of support and encouragement. With hands-on class experience as well as individual attention in Rehair, Bow Repair I and Bow Repair II, students can, with practice and refinement of skills, provide for their musical communities either as self-employed businesspeople or by becoming valuable assets to professional shops.

    Ms. Hannings operates a thriving bow shop in her home in Freeport, Maine, splitting her shop time between making and restoration.  She is also a member of the Portland Symphony Orchestra.

  • Amanda Kapousouz, Assistant

    Amanda Kapousouz began studying the bow with Lynn Hannings in 2012. After several years as a student at the Violin Craftsmanship Institute, she began assisting Lynn for the rehair and repair classes. Amanda currently maintains a studio in Athens, Georgia where she services the many string players in her community: from students attending the University of Georgia to the eclectic mix of professional fiddlers.

10:00am - 04:00pm
Live Online (USA Eastern Time)
Lynn Hannings
999.00 PDT - Violin Institute